ISN AUDIO Neo 3 is made of thick resin plastic, giving it a soft and sturdy feel. The housing is completely transparent on the front, allowing you to see the three tube drivers. No need to take it apart to see if you’re using a real flat screwdriver.

The back is translucent, which seemed an odd aesthetic choice to my eyes. In fact, the overall design is quite different from the more classic look of other ISN IEMs.

It’s also made of soft plastic, lightweight, and has a small, elongated nozzle that makes it chunky but comfortable.

The top of the housing has a non-recessed, flat 2-pin female connector for easy and secure connection.


NEO 3 iem

Sound Quality

Neo 3 is a base head-level IEM. If you don’t have much bass and you’re a non-bass head, you might be reading about the wrong IEM.

The Neo 3 is a great IEM for all of us. I’m not a bass head and this level of bass tires me out after a while, but bass lovers will enjoy this a lot.

The notes have additional resonance and cohesion. The midrange and vocals are also very good. There is no problem with the wood or tint.

What we get is an L-shaped signature where the bass is dominant while the rest of the spectrum plays a secondary role.

The Neo 3 is not limited to just the bass, but also has majesty in the midrange, making it stand out from the competition.

NEO 3 iem features


The bass runs the show and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this 6mm DD is perfectly tuned. There is weight, virility, and vitality behind it, but it is quite soft. Air movement is well controlled.

The notes are loud and powerful but don’t seem to overwhelm the rest of the spectrum. What I like most is the lack of excess fleece. I wouldn’t say the controls are great, but they are good.

There’s a bit of a unique delivery here. We get an excellent layer, and while it’s fading it doesn’t come in, but moves away from the head with a lot of rumble, keeping everything clean to create new notes.

So where do the bass notes go? They move over and over the ears. By default, the entire spectrum is placed within a semicircle created by the base note.

You can imagine the size of the area affected. It doesn’t feel like mud or wool, but it does. The decay isn’t the fastest and the notes have a long-lasting reverb.

This affects the dynamics as the upper bass notes are not as clean, but since they are not tuned for accuracy, this is okay.

Needless to say, the Neo 3 has very good sub-bass extension and booming sound, while the mid-bass is a bit looser but richer and heavier.

Isn audio neo 3 iem review audiophile


This mid-range adjusts like a safety wheel. This provides a much-needed balance of power. The overall balance still favors the bass, but the midrange shows its power.

The second DD does a good job of keeping things clean and clear while providing a very good definition and resolution.

There’s a slight W shape here as the vocals stick out a little more than the surrounding instruments. One thing to note is that it doesn’t have any bluntness or extra sharpness, but it can feel a bit sharp in comparison.

The vocals are also satisfactory. They are a bit taller and have a very nice body and texture. Both male and female vocals get a bit more finishing energy.

The wood and tones are neutral but can have a crunchy feel, which enhances the Neo 3’s technical aspects. On the other hand, musical instruments play in the background and play second fiddle.

Transparency and clarity are okay, but you may feel that the emphasis is a little off. I’m also a little short of height. The good thing is speed. I think it’s good because there’s not a lot of energy to worry about in the mid-mid range.

is NEO 3 iem best


It has an 8-core OCC cable with 19 wires inside each core. We got a decent-looking cable with decent behavior. It’s not the most flexible or soft cable at this price, but this cable doesn’t have cable guides to add comfort.

There are no microphones to worry about. The 4.4mm jack, Y splitter, and 2-pin jacket look good, but the jack seems a bit larger.

Isn audio neo 3 price

Quality wise I would suggest everyone throw this away and buy something decent. Even a good quality $20 cable will perform better than this cable. This clearly limits dynamics and stage size.

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ISN Neo3 is another piece of musical bliss that aims for a rich and balanced tone with a natural tone and fatigue-free sweet dynamics that embrace and envelop the listener until they melt into the music.

The immersive holographic space is completely devoid of harshness, and the three drivers allow for an open, multi-dimensional resolution that is tactile in the sound layer and versatile for a variety of musical styles.

It’s warm but very clear for a macro-dynamic IEM, and will please fans of colorful timbres, full-bodied yet non-aggressive vocals, and buttery-smooth highs that can surprise with their agility.

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