Best In-Ear Monitor Systems Under $500

For many touring artists, the monitor systems at their performance venues may be substandard or even non-existent.

By investing under $500 in an in-ear monitoring system, you can ensure a level of consistency for this important aspect of putting on a great live show.

Most inexpensive In-Ear Monitor Systems under $500 deliver good quality sound from transmitter to receiver and can be better optimized by replacing the stock earbuds with a higher quality set.

In fact, many musicians from various fields decide to purchase a reliable and budget IEM system while using a variety of earbuds of their choice.

Best In-Ear Monitor Systems Under $500

Our list of the top best wireless in-ear monitor systems under $500 are all the highest-rated and most reliable devices at affordable prices. Some in-ear systems also have the option to use multiple transmitters.

1. Phenyx Pro UHF

IEM systems under $500

The Phenyx Pro UHF is another incredible performer on the buck wireless in-ear monitor system for less than $500.

It operates in the much less crowded 900 MHz frequency band, making it extremely stable with little to no signal interference.

However, the 900 MHz frequency is only available in the United States and Canada. If you are outside the country or planning to travel outside of the country, it is best to skip to the next section.

Both the receiver and transmitter are relatively durable. The receiver requires 2 AA batteries and can be used for 8 hours.

The sound quality of the Phenyx Pro UHF is decent. It’s not the best sound quality on this list, but it’s not bad either. There was some noise while increasing the bass in the mix.

Keeping the bass at a low volume worked best for me. However, many users claim that this system can be a huge hit if you purchase additional earbuds of higher quality.

It’s very interesting to see that the Phenyx Pro’s receiver has a limiter, Eq, or mono/stereo options at such a low price. Typically, in-ear monitors with these additional features cost at least three times more than this system.

The Phenyx Pro is an amazing in-ear monitor system for its affordable price. They are very reliable and relatively durable, so far there are no complaints about their longevity, and they have many additional features for sound quality.


  • Rack-mountable
  • great customer service
  • Transmitter with metal case
  • durable antenna


  • Loud bass sound when turned on

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2. Galaxy Audio AS-1400 UHF

in ear monitor systems under 500

The Galaxy Audio AS-1400 UHF is another in-ear monitor system that comes with a rackmount kit. The receiver uses 2AA batteries and can be used continuously for 7 hours.

Both transmitter and receiver are of excellent quality and clearly designed for a long life. It gives you the option to use it in stereo, mono, or mixed mono. Stereo transfers allow you to pan the instruments any way you like.

The sound quality of this system is very good with overall clarity in the low and high frequencies. However, the quality of the earbuds is nowhere near that of the actual system.

It may be better to purchase an additional set of ear monitors. With 275 channels to choose from, the Galaxy Audio AS-1400 UHF is totally dependable.


  • Rack-mount transmitter with kit
  • Durable build quality
  • Up to 275 channels


  • Could be the better version

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in ear monitor systems under 500 dollars

The ANLEON S2 IEM System is a very good device at a very affordable price. Both the receiver and transmitter are relatively durable and can last a long time.

Rather than sending a mono signal to the receiver, the ANLEON S2 is a true stereo system. This means you can pan each instrument however you want.

The transmitter is conveniently constructed with a metal case for increased durability and longevity. There is one antenna with a power switch in the center and a channel selector on the right.

There are six channels available, all within the 526-535Mhz frequency band. In my experience, there were no signal interference issues. ANLEON S2 is very reliable for the price.

The receiver screen displays battery life, operating frequency band, selected channel, and signal strength. You can change receiver channels with the side buttons.

However, for it to work, both the transmitter and receiver must be on the same channel. When the receiver button on top shows green, it means it’s connected and ready to use. However, if the light is red, it is not connected.

In terms of sound quality, the ANLEON S2 sounds very good for its low price. To be honest, most in-ear monitor systems under $500 tend to distort the bass.

However, even with the original earbuds that come with it, this system delivers a very clear bass sound. I highly recommend the ANLEON S2 wireless in-ear monitor system.


  • Good bass sound
  • Very reliable for the price
  • True stereo transmission
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Slightly long limiter release time

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4. Xtuga RW2080

Xtuga RW2080

The Xtuga RW2080 is a great in-ear monitor system for groups that need multiple receivers. You can purchase this system with 2,4,6,8 or 10 receivers, all of which can have their own channels.

Both transmitter and receiver are made of metal for increased durability and longevity. Provides outstanding reliability with 275 channels to choose from. However, some channels are clearer than others.

The Xtuga RW2080 has the best sound quality. Before the sound could perform at its best, we had to find the cleanest frequencies.

But once you find the right channel, the sound quality does the job. It doesn’t perform well at too high a volume, but for the price, it’s decent at medium to low volumes.

The Xtuga RW2080 is a good in-ear monitor system that is best suited for those who need 2 to 10 receivers. This will get the job done.


  • All metal construction
  • Rack-mountable


  • Doesn’t perform well at too high

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One of these systems would be a good choice for a musician or singer on a budget. Some are better than others for your situation and goals. Be sure to check reviews before purchasing anything!

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