10+ Best Custom In-Ear Monitors 2024: CIEM

Custom in-ear monitors (Custom IEM), as the name suggests, are custom earphones that provide improved sound quality, noise isolation, and comfort.

You can see it on TV, in the ears of musicians, hosts, commentators and more, and in the ears of readers!

The interactive list below includes reviews of various makes and models, including features, ratings, performance, and sound signature. Filter, sort, and click on the products you like best.

List of Best Custom In-Ear Monitors 2024

1. Ship SH-3

best custom in-ear monitors for singers

If you looking for the exact same sound as your studio monitors from a custom in-ear monitor the Ship SH-3 is your best choice.

A nice copper cable can also add a little more color to the mix.

This is not a monitor for those who want a sweet sound with a combination of loud bass and vivid midrange.

It takes experience and hearing training to understand the incredible capabilities of this monitor.

The IEMs that have surprised me in my audiophile journey are no more than the fingers of one hand.

Well, this one is already on my list of very special custom in-ear monitors, which should be saying something.

2. Spiral Ear SE 5 Way Ultimate

Spiral Ear SE 5 Way Ultimate

The Ultimate builds on the previously recommended SE 5-way Reference and offers greater refinement, better spacing, and a more realistic overall sound.

This is equivalent to going from 1080P to 4K. The difference is very clear.

The presentation remains powerful and organic, with a rich, relatively neutral sound that reproduces the finest nuances within the music using exceptional top-end PRaT (or note attack and decay) for a realistic and accurate experience.

Presentation is difficult to pinpoint because the source and track are transparent and vary greatly depending on how the track was mastered.

This is different from most headphones, which give the music a unique “sound signature.”

Now that Spiral Ear makes it easy to get your products internationally, your excuses have flown out the window with a big change!

3. JH Audio JH13V2 PRO

best custom iem

Everyone has different likes, dislikes, and preferences when listening to music, but in the context of pure enjoyment, this is one of the best, if not the best, custom monitors in my 30+ collection.

As a result, it’s no surprise that this monitor lands right on Headfonia’s list of best (custom) IEMs, and we recommend buying it if you’re looking for a top-quality monitor that will undoubtedly blow you away.

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4. Rear LCM BD4.2

Rear LCM BD4.2

This six-drive hybrid is the first custom hybrid to use dual dynamic drivers, but not for the reasons listed here.

This performance is excellent for those looking for a wide presentation with detail, smoothness, and quality that shares some characteristics with the Spiral Ear SE 5-way.

It replaces the M-Fidelity SA-43 and surpasses the previously recommended SA-43 in soundstage size, detail, clarity, and more.

This gem is special for those who like to imagine themselves in a spacious concert hall. However, the internal imaging is not up to par with mid-forward products, and that is a trade-off.

If you want to get close to headphone sound, the 4.2 will give you the closest sound currently possible.

5. Ultimate Ears 18+PRO

Unique melody MEST MKII


The new UE 18+PRO comes with new True Tone drivers, Linum SuperBax cables, and new IPX connectors. Plus, it sounds heavenly and has the best hard case ever.

Considering there are only 6 drivers, we have no choice but to add UE18+PRO to the recommended CIEM list. Yes, even at $1499 it is just as good and special.

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6. Unique melody MEST MKII

affordable custom in-ear monitors

This is a really great monitor made by Unique Melody using MEST. If you like musical sounds with good speed, clarity, precision, and detail, you’ll love Unique Melody MEST.

The MEST delivers great bass, lovely midrange, and energetic highs, blending them into a wide, deep soundstage.

Bone conduction drivers give MEST additional functionality we have never experienced before, and we are confident that many other brands will follow UM’s example.

To me, the MEST is a near-perfect all-rounder monitor that’s well outside its price range in a custom form.

We don’t give out ratings here at HFN, but if I wanted to, this monitor would easily get a 9 out of 10.

7. Viento-R

Custom in-ear monitors for drummers

The Viento-R operates somewhat in line with the NT-6 and NT-6 Pro but offers a softer note that reduces the analytical edge for a sound that is much easier to listen to over long periods of time.

Sure, the Viento-R is still considered bright, but it’s a little warmer and doesn’t have as much brightness as the others.

Performance is also not quite at the same level, but pretty close and generally exceptional.

Although the open design gives the Viento-R an airiness and a good sense of space, central imaging is its real strength.

The Viento-R also features adjustable tuning to increase bass levels and midrange, and although the changes are small, they create a slightly different feel that’s easy to appreciate.

Overall, the Viento-R combines the strengths of other Hidition products with a more natural presentation.

8. 64Audio A12T

64Audio A12T

The audio had a huge impact on my listening experience. The A12t won me over in just a few short sessions and quickly made my shortlist of best monitors.

With booming bass, smooth, emotive mids, and excellent TIA extensions, the A12 t wins me over in every way.

With its high resolution, wide soundstage, and great transparency, the A12t puts a big smile on my face when I listen to my favorite albums.

I highly recommend the A12t to anyone looking for a powerful, smooth monitor that excels in technical terms and can connect to almost any source with linear impedance operation.

The bar has certainly been set high for the competition to be named CIEM of the Year. It’s going to be exciting times ahead.

9. Hydition NT-6

Softear Cerberus

The sophistication and fluidity of the neutral and analytical NT-6 have been greatly improved, as have the imaging and instrument separations, resulting in the most dynamic and detailed neutral CIEM we have ever heard.

Focus is razor-sharp and the extremely high level of clarity makes it easy to hear rich detail within a wide, balanced soundstage.

10. Softear Cerberus


The custom Cerberus has a clearer, more extended treble. Plus, the bass has more impact and the midrange is more consistent.

The CIEM version is a truly perfect warm-sounding flagship with a wonderful and very special sound that is not often found.

For sound quality alone, the Softears Cerberus is a fantastic flagship IEM in terms of tuning.

Once you hear about Cerberus and witness its improvements from a top-tier source, it’s hard to go back to another IEM.

I put a lot of IEMs aside to listen to Cerberus. It’s far from a great value-for-money product, but for those who know what they want and have good ears, it will speak for itself every time.

11. Custom Art Music One

best custom in-ear monitors for guitar players

Delivering a very musical and tonally accurate sound, the Music One rivals the much more expensive CIEM in terms of natural sound.

You won’t be surprised by its technical performance, as it gives up extension at both ends, deep bass reverb, and the ability to present complex material in a way that more expensive products can.

But overall, it performs at a very high level for a custom IEM. In that price range.

12. QDC Anole VX

QDC Anole VX

QDC has created a flagship monitor that can definitely play in the big leagues and compete with some of the global players.

To me, the Anole VX goes toe-to-toe with the best IEMs in the industry and deserves all the attention.

qdc shows that despite the recent trend of multi-driver, multi-technology hybrid flagship monitors, full BA designs can still be very competitive.

The Anole VX’s switch system makes it a very versatile monitor. You can see many people being taken care of.

People who enjoy a good neutral sound, people who want more bass, vocal lovers, and people who want a treble head.

They’ll all find what they’re looking for in qdc’s Anole VX. My personal favorite is the standard setting. Because I like a balanced sound with great body and soul.

For a long time, qdcs have been a hidden gem of the Western world, but now they have entered our scene and are here to stay.

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13. In Ears IE-P250

Custom IEMs

Another Sonion 1723 Accupass driver for under $300, the CIEM brings great technical prowess to the table,

with a V-shaped sound signature and plenty of clarity and bass capability for this price range.

It has a good balance that will satisfy those who like mainstream sounds but is more refined and detailed than the typical sound in this price range.

14. Vision Ears Elysium

Vision Ears Elysium

The Vision Ears Elysium is a great hybrid monitor and an absolute pleasure to listen to. No, “great” doesn’t really do it justice. It’s more than that.

This is a very good monitor with all the qualities and top-notch performance that make it a candidate for this year’s Best CIEM award.

However, the competition for this award is tough and there are other great contenders vying for this award. It’s definitely going to be a close call.

For those who like to nitpick, the hybrid Elysium with its limited number of drivers isn’t 100% perfect, but at the same time,

it doesn’t really matter because the overall performance is impressive, the sound quality is very high and it’s a pleasure to listen to.

The factors are through the roof. In short, Elysium is another great creation from Marcel, Amin, and Oliver and has definitely won several awards worldwide.

The Elysium isn’t cheap, but in return, you get a monitor with excellent sound, musicality, and a very enjoyable experience, along with a great set of accessories. It’s definitely an end-game monitor.

15. Perfect Seal Fusion 11

best custom iem for audiophile

A full review hasn’t been completed yet, but the Fusion 11 is a hybrid worth the recognition, boasting a price tag of $1,000 plus CIEM.

Typically, when you switch from a CIEM priced above $1,000 to this price range, the quality difference will stick out like a sore thumb.

However, with Fusion 11 the tone and PRaT (Pace Rhythm, and Timing) are maintained and the only adjustments I need are to the lower features.

The Fusion 11 is V-shaped, but the bass tuning pot allows the bass to actually be very neutral if desired. Additionally, Fusion 11 is the world’s first silicone hybrid but is also available in acrylic if desired.

16. Audio Earz AUD-8X by Dream Earz

Audio Earz AUD-8X by Dream Earz

With best-in-class technical performance, 8X delivers exciting, dynamic, detailed, and spacious presentations.

The bass is slightly beefed up and very capable, providing plenty of resonance when needed.

The midrange is forward but still sounds very spacious as the 8X offers great depth to the presentation and the treble is present but not too bright and integrates well with the rest of the frequencies.

The overall technical performance is very good, but the presentation is a bit thick, which can mask it, but doesn’t reduce detail.

17. Hidition NT-6 Pro

custom in-ear monitor companies

The NT-6 Pro’s clarity is second to none and its technical capabilities are at the highest level.

NT-6 Pro combines the analytical and more flexible presentation of NT-6, preserving detail, increasing sharpness, and enhancing imaging for ultra-high performance.

The highest and lowest frequencies are boosted, which is easily noticeable on many tracks, adding interesting color and much greater dynamics and power.

The only downside is that the treble boost can make certain tracks sound artificially bright.


This interactive list displays custom in-ear monitors based on features, ratings, performance, and sound signature. In the world of audio, newer doesn’t necessarily mean better! Filter the results to find the best fit for your situation.

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