Best KZ In Ear Monitors 2024

KZ In-Ear Monitors are affordable top-quality earphones that are gaining popularity among music enthusiasts, especially those on a tight budget.

KZ produces a variety of IEMs at various price points with a focus on providing excellent sound quality and comfort.

One of the key features of KZ IEMs is their hybrid driver technology. Most KZ IEMs use a combination of Balanced Armature and dynamic drivers to produce a balanced and detailed sound.

kz vxs pro

This hybrid setup allows the IEM to accurately reproduce both high and low frequencies while maintaining excellent levels of clarity and detail.

On the other hand, brands have released such a large number of models that it can be overwhelming when trying to choose the right one.

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To help you in the process of choosing one, our editors have created the following chart with the best KZ earphones.

Best KZ In Ear Monitors 2024

1. KZ ZS10 Pro

KZ In Ear Monitors

Choosing the best KZ iem is not an easy task. This is because the brand primarily targets the “bucket market”.

Nonetheless, the KZ ZS10 PRO may be the best KZ earphones overall and the best KZ performer for the buck model to date.

It’s important to highlight that the KZ ZS10 PRO stands out from most KZ earphones with less bass bloat and a more dynamic sound signature.

Stunning aesthetics, compact size, premium penta driver configuration, and metal reinforced backplate add to the value for money that the KZ ZS10 PRO offers.

kz as10

If the medium tip provided by KZ suits you best, the medium MandarinEs Symbio tip would also work well for you. They are all about the same size.

We cannot guarantee this claim as each ear is different! When in doubt, buy a mixed-size pack and check.

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2. KZ EDX Pro

Best KZ In Ear Monitors for drummers

One of the budget models from KZ is the KZ EDX Pro IEM with a microphone.

The EDX Pro features 10mm dynamic drivers that deliver excellent bass response and overall sound quality, along with an in-line microphone for phone calls.

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3. ZSN Pro

KZ In Ear Monitors Review

For those looking for a mid-range IEM, our top recommendation is the KZ Acoustics ZSN Pro 2000. ZSN Pro There’s also an in-line microphone for phone calls.

The KZ ZST PRO are the brand’s classic earphones with a dual-hybrid configuration consisting of dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers.

This is the second version of the KZ ZST model. Both are earphones that set a new standard for the buck and catapulted KZ’s reputation as a viable ultra-low-cost brand with outstanding performance.

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Kz in ear monitors price

The KZ ZSN offers a lot for a little money, with dual hybrid drivers, a removable cable, and a metal backplate.

This model can meet the sound needs of most listeners while remaining aesthetically appealing, robust, and comfortable.

The KZ ZSN is a strong contender that can’t be beaten in the money department, let alone reach the $50 price tag.

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5. KZ AS16

kz zs10 pro

Now KZ AST has followed suit. But the AST won a ridiculously coveted award and has shamefully poor performance and mediocre sound.

KZ introduced an ambitious earphone with the KZ AS16. This is the brand’s first model to feature a total of 16 drivers (hence the name of the model).

The actual number of drivers is 8 per side, for a total of 16. If you add up the drivers of both earphones.

To date, the KZ AS16 is the brand’s earphones with the most advanced technical specifications belonging to the All Balanced Armature Driver line.

Nonetheless, the KZ AS16 is not the best-sounding KZ earphone to date.

It’s worth considering that the device is larger than many of KZ’s other earphones to accommodate all of these drivers.

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6. KZ ZS7

kz earphones

The KZ ZS7 is a Penta driver model with four balanced armature drivers, one dynamic driver, and a sturdy all-metal build.

The brand has experimented with this kind of build on some models, but KZ’s catalog generally offers more plastic earphones than metal ones.

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kz zsn pro

The KZ In-Ear Monitors offer great value for the money and are a great option for anyone looking for top-quality earphones without spending a lot of money. KZ has built a reputation for providing excellent sound quality and features at an affordable price point.

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