Sennheiser EW IEM G4 Review

Sennheiser’s ew IEM G4 wireless monitor system is part of the evolving family of wireless monitoring systems and includes an SR IEM G4 transmitter, an EK IEM G4 stereo receiver, a pair of IE 4 earphones, a rod antenna, a GA 3 rackmount kit, and two AA batteries.

This kit can be used as a rugged, all-in-one wireless in-ear monitoring system for live stage, theater, and house of worship applications.

Wireless In-ear Monitoring Solution

Sennheiser EW IEM G4 Review

The EW IEM G4 stereo bodypack receiver with IE4 earphones from Sennheiser is an addition to the evolving series of wireless systems.

It features adaptive diversity technology and can be used with a companion transmitter as part of a wireless RF monitoring system for live stage, theater, and rehearsal applications.

The stereo receiver is equipped with 1680 frequencies that can be tuned in 25MHz steps, with 20 fixed frequency banks with up to 16 compatible frequency presets and another 6 user banks with up to 16 user programmable frequencies.

The receiver’s menu-driven backlit display shows the current frequency, frequency bank and channel number, RF level measurement, AF level measurement, lock status, and battery status.

An auto-lock feature is provided to prevent settings from being accidentally changed.

The receiver also includes a switchable high boost and multi-level limiter. The limiter is adjustable in 6dB steps from -18dB to -6dB or can be turned off (off).

Built with robust metal housing, it is powered by two 1.5V AA-size batteries or a Sennheiser BA rechargeable battery pack. Earphone output uses a 3.5mm stereo jack socket.

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Sennheiser wireless products provide the reliable and clean, clear, and intelligible sound you need onstage, on worship platforms, in boardrooms, or in any other application requiring mobility.

There’s a reason why Sennheiser products are so popular here in Sweetwater. Because you can count on Sennheiser’s wireless products every day.

From handheld microphone-based transmitters to bodypack devices, versatile rackmount receivers to high-end accessories, Sennheiser puts quality first in every wireless product it makes.


To do your best, you need to hear yourself clearly. This is where the Sennheiser EW IEM G4 comes in and gives you the added benefit of a wireless in-ear system.

You can hear it anywhere on the stage and there is less stage noise. Besides that, in-ears are not easy to get feedback on.

With the Sennheiser ew IEM G4, you get all the components you need: a high-quality rack-mounted transmitter with 1,680 tunable UHF frequencies, a bodypack receiver, and a set of IE 4 earphones.

With the ew IEM G4, you get increased bandwidth and power over the previous generation, up to 330 feet of transmission range, and backward compatibility with previous Evolution systems.

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The rugged IEM G4 is road-ready with proven transmission reliability and inspiring flexibility. Operates up to 61 channels with up to 42 MHz of bandwidth and 1,680 selectable frequencies.

It also offers higher RF power of up to 50mW for clear reception. Synchronization is faster thanks to the upgraded infrared interface.

The IEM G4 also features a user-friendly menu with a convenient jog wheel and an OLED display with auto-dimming, blue sync LED, red warning LED, and a dedicated escape button.

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EW IEM G4 features adaptive versatility for extremely stable reception. The headphone cable serves as a second antenna to eliminate audio dropouts.

Operating the EK IEM G4 is easy thanks to intuitive menu navigation and a highly visible backlit graphic display. Switchable Hi Boost and multi-level limiter complete the package.

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