6+ Best Audiophile IEMs in 2024

Audiophile IEMs are high-quality in-ear headphones designed for outstanding audio performance.

Best Audiophile IEMs provide excellent noise isolation, detailed imaging, and wide frequency response for an immersive listening experience.

The lightweight design ensures excellent comfort and long-term wearability. Browse our selection of earbuds, earphones, and in ear monitors for audiophiles.

Best Audiophile IEMs in 2024

Best Audiophile IEMs in 2024 Our list of the best audiophile IEMs of 2024 includes popular brands like Sony and Sennheiser.

We hope to open your eyes to the world of audiophile earphones and show you what’s been on the market in recent years and the latest technologies that are advancing sound.

To make this list as comprehensive as possible, we’ll cover two types: wireless and wired.

1. Sony IER-Z1R

Best audiophile in ear monitor

Sony IER-Z1R is the best Audiophile IEM you can buy in 2024. They check all the boxes we and our class need to lead every test.

Other earphones listed below may be considered equal with different tunings, but they consistently win in head-to-head competition.

Every element of the earphones is custom-made and meticulously planned, while other companies choose off-the-shelf components and try to make them fit their design.

Sony has created its own balanced armature and dual driver units to create hybrid earphones that exhibit incredible levels of detail retrieval. The 1ZR’s sound allows you to hear detailed hearing that may be missing from smaller IEMs.

The soundstage is huge, making live music sound very realistic, with a vast environment in which the music disintegrates and disintegrates.

It’s exciting to sit there and test track by track to encounter incredible realism and openness.

Then the bass comes out and hits you in the face. It surpasses all expectations of sub-bass response and can extend to face-melting levels.

However, the dual drivers are tight and controlled within the mid-bass range, resolving texture and detail.

These are an experience rather than earphones, and the sound is so good that you might overlook the massive size of the housing.

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2. Campfire Audio Andromeda Emerald Green

Best audiophile iem reddit

These headphones stand out in every way, featuring five balanced armature drivers in a 3D-printed housing surrounded by a seamless aluminum shell.

It’s easy to operate, comes with a silver-plated copper MMCX cable, and captivates listeners with details that even the conductor won’t notice.

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3. T Audio Monarch

moondrop iem

Thiaudio Monarchs are one of the best-sounding earphones in the world and one of the best earphones of this era.

There are so many things to like about this model that I’d have a hard time writing it in a summary, but let’s start with the build quality and accessories first.

These are everything you’d expect from a premium audiophile earbud. The resin shell is attached to a metal nozzle for added durability, and the shell faceplate is simply stunning.

When it comes to accessories, Thieaudio still hits the mark with one of the best cables we’ve seen on earphones and the inclusion of a balanced, generic adapter so you can use them with your favorite source devices.

The real magic of monarchs is what happens inside. These earphones adopt a tribrid configuration. That means it uses three different driver technologies to create jaw-dropping sound.

EST, Balanced Armature, and Dynamic Drivers combine harmoniously to create an IEM with a rich, detailed, and energetic sound that delivers far more bang for your buck and puts the fear of God into more expensive legacy brands.

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4. FiiO FH7S

Best audiophile iem under $500

This hybrid design features large 13.6mm dynamic drivers and a semi-open design to reduce pressure on the eardrums while delivering smooth performance and an expansive soundstage.

It also comes with three screw-on filters that can be used to adjust the sound profile for more bass treble or balanced output.

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5. Kinera Schooled

Best audiophile iem for gaming

Kinera makes some of the most beautiful IEMs on the market. The flagship Baldr II is a work of art crafted from oak, but the Skuld is even more stunning.

The restored body shell looks gorgeous in the hand, using dark blue resin with flowing gold leaf flakes.

When I brought it into the office to review, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The box is also very nice and is a magnificent unboxing with lots of extras.

What stands out once again is the driver configuration and tuning, making these the best mid-priced earphones out of all the BA earphones I’ve heard to date.

There is a smoothness to it without the metallic sheen that often accompanies balanced armatures. The low frequencies also impressed me with a lot of detail and texture while still providing a dynamic listening experience.

It’s one of the smoothest and clearest Audiophile IEM earphones on the list and provides long, comfortable, and enjoyable listening.

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6. Sennheiser IE200

Audiophile in ear monitor for gaming

These are excellent value earbuds that sound much better than any wireless option at this price.

Yes, they lack high-tech features, but they’re very light (4g each), comfortable, and well-made, and their 7mm TrueResponse drivers deliver a level of clarity you might not expect.

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7. Moondrop Aria

Moondrop Aria

Moondrop has had a lot of success with its earphones recently.

The Variation, for example, was a huge hit, rivaling some of the best tribrid designs on the market. So the stage was set for them to launch the budget-friendly earphones Moondrop Aria earlier this year.

Few audiophiles can match the sound quality for the price.

Sound isn’t everything, but the design is beautiful too, with a durable all-metal body, a detachable cable to protect you should the worst happen, and a sturdy set of ear tips that come standard.

The sound is detailed, clear, and engaging. But what puts these earphones on our list is their overall tuning. The tuning was smooth, with a bit of emphasis on the bass and treble.

It does this without sacrificing midrange clarity, allowing vocals to sound amazing but still able to punch very hard when the time calls for it.

These earphones are very enjoyable to listen to and are versatile enough to be used on all your travels.

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Things to consider when buying the best audiophile IEM:

Campfire Audio Andromeda Emerald Green


In-ear monitors are a marvel of micro-engineering. Some high-end IEMs feature highly specialized speakers called drivers, and driver types include dynamic, balanced armature, planar magnetic, and electrostatic.

Each driver has a unique sound and you can choose an IEM with a specific driver type as per your preference. There are also Hybrid, Tribrid, and Quadbrid configuration IEMS that feature two, three, and four driver types respectively.


IEMs use many different connections, but the end of the cable that connects to the headphone amplifier or DAC is standardized. The biggest difference is whether the connecting cable is balanced or unbalanced.

Balanced (2.5mm and 4.4mm) means that the signal is transmitted through separate positive and negative terminals, ensuring that the voltage is transmitted evenly.

Unbalanced (3.5mm and 6.35mm) – Also known as single-ended, meaning there is only signal and ground and no separate audio signal for anode/cathode.

Balanced can deliver a more consistent signal with less noise, and the anode/cathode terminals allow the headphone amplifier to transmit more power with a balanced signal than with an unbalanced signal.


IEM fit affects sound quality. An optimal fit means better sound, more noise isolation, improved bass, soundstage, and mid- and upper-tone clarity.

The best universal in-ear monitors include an extra tip, a piece of sponge at the end that goes into your ear. Ear shapes vary, so many of the best IEM manufacturers bundle a variety of tips to ensure a snug fit.

Sound Signature

It is true that each IEM offers a unique sound and this can be attributed to its tuning or sound signature.

IEMs have standard tunings such as Warm & Smooth, Flat, Balanced, and V-shaped and you can choose one based on your taste and the type of music you listen to on a daily basis.


The Best audiophile IEMs have always captured people’s hearts with their ability to deliver the best music listening experience anytime, anywhere.

In-ear monitors provide a versatile solution for both audiophiles as well as casual listeners and musicians.

A good in-ear monitor can work wonders. It can reveal your music in incredible detail, beyond what regular earbuds or headphones can show.

The precise engineering of smaller builds often costs more, and the types of IEMs you can buy these days are amazing.

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