XENNS Mangird Top (2024) Review: 8BA+1DD Hybrid IEM

The XENNS Mangird Top 2024 presentation is worthy of a pair of IEMs in the $500 range and the quality of the accessories is good overall.

XENNS Mangird Top (2024) Review

Xenns mangird top review

The XENNS Mangird Top comes in a large box for in-ear use. There are just a lot of small accessories lying around in unused space. That said, the box is well-protected with extra large foam inserts!

The IEM comes with a 2-pin cable that looks great and is very light and flexible. In addition to the usual set of tips and accessories, Xenns also included a keychain keepsake in the box.

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The Xenns Mangird Top is one of the better-performing IEMs I’ve handled. As seen on many hybrids and tribrids in its price range, it has a standard black plastic shell, topped off with an interesting faceplate.

Aesthetically it is inoffensive and modest. The 2-pin connector is horizontal and well-secured. Although the size of the shell is a larger size, it is very ergonomic and there are no fit issues.

The nozzle is a standard metal nozzle, neither thick nor thin. As for accessories, the Top comes fully equipped with plenty of storage/carrying options, plenty of tips, and one of my favorite stock cables!

The cable is smooth, and light, works well, and has one of the best modular connectors I’ve seen.

I almost didn’t realize it was modular until I saw the extra connections in the box. Due to the snug fit, there is a slight driver flex when inserting, but other than that this is not an issue.


Shown above is the right channel of the XENNS Mangird Top placed in an artificial ear mold with the included M-size black bore silicone eartips installed.

I have average-sized ears and the earmolds above fully reflect my own experience. We use size M silicone tips for testing because some brands do not include foam tips.

The Mangird Top is larger than average in physical size due to the high number of drivers inside and is rounded enough to help keep the interior more manageable.

The ergonomic shape helps fill the concha, but if you’re like me, there’s a good chance they’ll stick out of your ear. People with small ears may find it difficult to feel comfortable.

On the other hand, the manageable nozzle fits well into my ear canal and this helped provide a secure, isolated fit where I had no trouble holding and using the IEM for hours.

The shells weigh about 6.5 grams each, making them less dense and minimizing the potential for physical fatigue. Pre-formed ear hooks combined with relatively flexible cables provide additional contact points and support for the IEM.

But again, I can see how it would have been better to have a flush connector or an angled housing. One thing to note here is that there are distinct ridges on the inside of the shell.

These bumps may or may not suit you and may even result in a weak or uncomfortable fit depending on the shape of your conch as well as its size.

I will also mention this shell design combined with the single vent at the top. This may give some people driver flexibility, especially with dynamic drivers, but I didn’t experience that with the Mangird Top.

Xenns mangird top gaming iem

Audio performance

Mangird Top uses a hybrid driver configuration in that it has two different driver types for a total of 9 drivers per side!

This goes back to creating one of the more complex hybrid driver designs I’ve ever tested and accounting for the relatively larger nature of these IEM shells.

XENNS uses a single 10mm dynamic driver with a beryllium-coated diaphragm for low frequencies. The coating aims to create a more robust and responsive driver for superior bass reproduction.

Two Sonion 2600 Series Balanced Armature drivers handle the midrange, while two E50D Dual Balanced Armature drivers handle the transition to higher frequencies that take over the treble.

There is also a Knowles 32406 dual balanced armature driver for very high frequencies, effectively performing the role of a super tweeter.

The drivers are part of a four-way crossover system and XENNS publishes factory frequency response curves without clarifying the test system and test conditions, which is not the most useful.

Overall, I would describe the XENNS Mangird Top as fairly average among IEMs in that it is easy to drive with a rated impedance of 25Ω and a sensitivity of 107dB probably dB/mW @1kHz making it the best iem of 2024.


  • Best build quality
  • Large shell size
  • Good textured sound
  • Soft treble


  • Slight driver flex

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Conclusion: XENNS Mangird Top

8BA+1DD Hybrid IEM

Like the iridescent shell, the XENNS Mangird Top can look great or lackluster depending on your perspective.

It’s very capable in terms of resolution, the only issue being treble delivery. The mids are very well tuned, and the bass will suit most needs as long as you’re not too picky.

Unfortunately, staging and imaging continue to be somewhat lackluster among the better-tuned IEMs in this range, although instrument layering remains a strength.

If you don’t listen to a lot of metal or rock tracks, XENNS Mangird Top might be right up your alley and worth an audition.

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