Sivga Nightingale Review

Sivga Nightingale is a planar magnetic earphone with a single 14.5mm dual magnetic driver.

The dual magnetic field rectangular array structure provides excellent transmission sensitivity and impressive transient response.

Utilizing magnetic dynamics, we carefully combine two sets of high-performance rare earth iron boron magnets to significantly improve efficiency compared to standard configurations.

sivga nightingale

Sivga Nightingale Price

The SIVGA Nightingale is a single 14.5mm flat driver universal in-ear monitor with an SRP of $229.

The drivers are embedded inside a micro-scale level dual iron boron magnet array to improve transient response and keep the drivers operating uniformly and efficiently.

Nightingale flat drivers are built into precision-machined, aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium driver frames to improve the uniformity of motion of the ultra-thin composite diaphragm.

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Sivga Nightingale Review

sivga nightingale price

The earmuffs are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, and the solid wooden faceplate is hand-polished, giving it a unique appearance because it is not similar to any other plate.

Nightingale is a well-made earphone with a luxurious and unique appearance.

The ear shells are very compact and lightweight, their shape follows the natural contours of your ears, and additionally the cable socket is cleverly placed so that it does not get in the way when the earphones are worn.

The Nightingale are very comfortable earphones that stay in place securely without applying uncomfortable pressure, even when used for long periods of time.

Once you put it on, you forget about it. The only complaint is the average passive noise attenuation.

A well-made cable uses silver-plated copper wire in a four-strand design. It is a 2-pin detachable cable with a recessed connector and a 4.4mm aluminum plug, but the package does not include a 3.5mm adapter.

The cable is lightweight, soft yet durable, tangle-free, and minimizes microphone noise.

The package includes a hard carrying case with a side zipper and two sets of ear tips in three sizes stored inside a thin plastic case.

sivga nightingale iem


Nightingale features 14.5mm planar magnetic drivers. Uses dual magnets to increase transmission sensitivity. These are rare iron boron magnets for improved efficiency compared to standard single magnets.

The diaphragm is made of a thin material combined with an aluminum coil, which is expected to provide better transparency and soundstage performance.


The combination of the cable’s recessed 2-pin connector and the nightingale helped achieve a precise and secure mounting.

As SIVGA measured to my ears, the ear guides effectively follow the external curvature of my ears, even though removable cables typically struggle to do so.

Considering the growth of hybrid monitors that I have recently handled, it was refreshing to see the Nightingale, which is on the small side, fit comfortably in my ears.

The conical part of the shell that touches the skin has a relatively short stem end, so there is no inconvenience in deeply inserting the IEM.

However, if you try to move your head around, the seal will sometimes come off whenever you try to talk, despite the IEMs staying in place.

Stock cable

First, let me start by saying that Nightingale’s discreet 1.2-meter balanced cable matches well with the aesthetics of the monitor.

The four-core cable, tightly woven like the shell of a nightingale, is black but catches the eye because of the light it emits.

The cable is very easy to maintain and its soft nature means you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled. Even so, you don’t have to worry about kinks since they don’t retain memory.

The cable features a 4.4mm jack on one end and a set of recessed 0.78mm 2-pin connectors on the other end, allowing for a more natural fit for the earhook.

iem sivga nightingale

Low end

Everything here on the low end is very subtle and dynamic. Although they are not combined to display a consistent tone, they still respond well when requested.

There is a naturalness to it that always positions it evenly. You can feel the mid-bass punch, but it feels a bit thin and doesn’t have much of an impact.

What really makes a significant impact is the sub-bass, which creates an underlined vibration that adds a nice texture to the sound signature. It’s still a subtle reaction, but it makes a big difference.

When some notes are sustained in the mix, they really shine, revealing a very clean rumble that brings the bass to life.


The midrange is very rich and very clean when representing a variety of instruments. It flattens the area around the low and midrange and brings out the midrange, providing a clearer performance.

This boost adds a subtle level of clarity to your tone but doesn’t colonize the sound. Instead, instruments and vocals are rendered realistically.

Each note has a distinct twang and pop that gives this sound signature a lot of identity. There’s space for everything and vocals break away easily to appear over a plethora of instruments.


There are many similarities to the way bass responds to high notes. Much of it has to do with the subtlety of the tone, as the treble has a present yet reserved response.

The texture is often consistent and comes out very elegant. The treble has a lower brightness that only complements the detail these frequencies provide.

Small rings that bring out the height and tail of the various sound elements give a light airiness to the tone.

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sivga nightingale graph

Sivga’s nightingale is one of the most delightful crops ever. The design is fantastic and the sound is very elegant, especially for the price.

It may not have everything you want in a sound signature – bass depth, for example – but the musicianship here is still in a league of its own.

Sivga Nightingale has a bold tuning that is not afraid to deviate from the current trend favoring a “V” shape and Harman-based sound profile.

And this is a good point in my book. Because not everyone will relate to this kind of tuning and look for something else.

Nightingale has an incredible midrange and unique tonal balance that is musical and immersive. Vocal lovers will love and appreciate the tuning of the Sivga Nightingale.

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