Best 2 Pin IEM Cables 2024

Here is the list of the best 2-pin IEM cables with Bluetooth options, upgrades, and replacement cables. There are a few things to consider when purchasing and you may want to consider length.

If you’re a musician, the extra length can come in handy if you’re going to be running around on stage.

best cheap iem cable

If you’re a commuter, you might want to extend the cable length if you’re wearing multiple layers of clothing or carrying it in your bag.

If you’re a runner or sports person, you may want a shorter cable to reduce bounce and weight when running, or a longer cable to make room for the yoga poses you’ve been practicing.

Best 2 Pin IEM Cables 2024

1. Moon Audio Bronze Dragon 2 PIN iem cable

Best 2 pin iem cable reddit

We’ll start with the low end of Moon Audio. That means you’re still paying a lot of money for an entry-level 2-pin cable that has two brothers. There is a silver model and a gold model.

The 8-core UP-OCC cable is a 99.99998% oxygen-free cable, providing smooth and efficient sound transmission from source to earphones.

There is a V2 model and versions for older 2-pin IEMs including JH Audio, Westone, and Nobel IEMs. So please make sure this cable is compatible when ordering.

Why Choose Moon Audio Bronze Dragon 2 PIN IEM Earphone Cable?

This is where ‘premium’ begins. Short of running your own custom cables, Moon Audio is the best. This is where audiophiles come to hang out.

The customization features you get with your order and Moon Audio’s solid reputation in the audiophile community make Moon Audio a staple on this list.

If you like earphones or IEMs, this will make you happy. You will join an elite club of Moon Audio customers.

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2. Linsoul Tripowin Zonie 2 PIN

Best 2 pin iem cable for gaming

If you’ve read any of my other posts discussing in-ear monitors or IEM cables, you’ll know that Linsoul is a powerhouse in the budget and affordable market.

It’s amazing how they can produce things while making them cheap. This 2-pin cable is no exception (also available in the MMCX option).

Silver-plated copper cable (SPC) for less than $20.00. I mean, come on, that’s so cheap! Don’t be confused about the cheap bits. It’s still a great-quality cable.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive 2-pin cable, I don’t think you can ignore Linsoul.

If you need a replacement cable, need to upgrade to a cheaper cable, or just want to have a spare cable in case your cable gets damaged, this is a good choice.

As a musician, it makes a lot of sense to have extra cables in your kit. There’s nothing worse than going to a gig, finding a damaged cable, and not having another cable to finish the set with.

The price is also very good for copper core cables and the 16-core braided wiring is great.

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3. Linsoul Tripowin 2 PIN IEM Cable

best 2 pin iem cable with mic

Considering how many affordable iem devices KZ (or Linsoul) produces, it’s no surprise that they also produce Bluetooth cables.

We’ve always had success with Bluetooth cables for MMCX or 2-pin, but it’s really nice to get a cable that works.

KZ has worked hard to pack as much value for the price as possible.

Starting with APTX-HD (Android users will get bitrates up to 576kbps specifically, iPhone users might get slightly lower),

Bluetooth 5.0 on the Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip, 130mah battery for 8 hours of battery life (only 2 hours). This is a common charging problem with Bluetooth earphone cables.

KZ offers an affordable and functional 2-pin Bluetooth cable with a variety of features.

I’ve tried $10 Bluetooth cables and $150 Bluetooth cables, and it’s not always clear which is better (it’s usually the more expensive cable, but I have one day).

If you love in-ear monitors but don’t always like cables, this is a good choice.

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4. Tripowin Zonie C8

best iem cable with mic

Tripowin wraps this shiny wire format around a core of material. This is usually Kevlar, which makes the cable very strong but transmits sound current very well.

Why did you choose the Tripowin C8 2 PIN IEM cable?

If you can spend an extra $10, I would recommend purchasing this cable. If you are looking for an affordable yet good-quality cable, this is my choice.

8-core braided cable provides a stronger feel and more rigid flexibility. I believe this will hold together for extended performances on stage and through many tours.

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5. Westone Epic twisted

2 pin iem cable usb c

If you’ve read our iem guides or read any of our IEM reviews, you’ll know that we’re big fans of Westone. Not only do we have in-ear monitors, but we also have cables and accessories.

Westone has been in the IEM game for a long time, and in the hearing care and hearing aid business for even longer. They are very aware of their ears and what they hear.

This Westone 2 PIN cable is slightly longer than the other cables on this list, which are commonly used for onstage IEM cables. It should allow for movement and route cables up and down the shirt.

Twisted copper cable is available in black, clear, and beige. Reinforced with aramid fibers, it has excellent flexibility and strength. EPIC cables are very well known.

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6. 64 Audio Professional Cable

0.78 2 pin cable

64 Audio Professional cables are designed and tested for maximum durability and feature ultra-low resistance SPC (silver-plated copper) wires that optimize the performance of Tia drivers.

An improved damping factor provides deeper yet more controlled bass, while silver plating increases transparency and fine details for an immersive music experience.

Silver plating on the wire also helps prevent the copper from oxidizing and turning green.

To reduce the chance of cable pinching and minimize wear and tear, the 2-pin connector features an ergonomic design where it exits the IEM at an angle towards the ear.

Each 2-pin connector is marked with a red or blue dot for replacement. Attach each side with the colored dot facing up.

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best iem cables 2024

If want a Bluetooth 2-pin IEM cable or a wired pin cable, you have these best choices listed above. 2-pin in-ear monitor cables still seem to be very popular with iem manufacturers.

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