Best Bone Conduction IEMs 2024

Bone conduction drivers are a fascinating innovation in in-ear monitors that offer a unique approach to audio delivery.

Unlike traditional dynamic and balanced armature drivers, which use air to transmit sound waves, bone conduction drivers work by directly vibrating the bones of the skull to transmit audio signals.

This unique method has both advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to delve deeper into its characteristics for a comprehensive understanding.

One of the main advantages of bone conduction drivers is their ability to bypass the eardrum.

bqeyz wind

Traditional IEMs transmit sound through the air to reach the eardrum and begin the auditory process.

In contrast, bone conduction drivers circumvent this process by vibrating the skull bones directly, allowing the user to perceive sound through bone conduction.

This feature has proven advantageous for hearing-impaired individuals or those seeking an alternative listening experience, as it does not rely on intact eardrums.

Most IEMs that use these transducers are relegated to the high-end market, so most of these choices come at a significant cost.

Best Bone Conduction IEMs 2024

1. Legend Evo

Best bone conduction iems reddit

Legend Evo is one of the most stylish high-end IEMs with bone conduction capabilities.

The driver picture is downright premium, with dual W9+ subwoofers and five precision-balanced armatures on each side performing standard air conduction between 5Hz and 20kHz,

While the Weapon X Bone Conduction Ultra Driver handles frequencies up to 35kHz. When I look at the frequency response of headphones or earphones, which are usually below 18Hz or above 20kHz,

I think, ‘It’s good, but no one will listen to it anyway.’ Well, things get very interesting when bone conductors are used in a way that makes the Legend Evo’s 5Hz – 35kHz frequency response worth further consideration.

What makes bone conduction unique is that instead of producing air vibrations that must pass through the eardrum.

The vibrations are transmitted through a solid medium in the skull and jaw, connecting directly with the auditory nerve and with the outermost and inner cilia of the nerve.

(high-level processing and low-level processing, respectively) are processed in a truly unique way that we don’t normally experience.

This means that your hearing range is expanded via bone conduction, which makes the Legend Evo’s 5Hz bottom and 35kHz ceiling a very interesting feature to experience in practice.

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2. Empire Ears Raven

Best bone conduction iems for gaming

There are many similarities between Empire Ears Odin and Raven. One of the most noticeable differences is the depth of the bass.

I like the Odin for its vibratory pull of bass frequencies, but the Raven uses bone conduction transducers to deliver bass more dynamically.

So you get the texture and resonance of Odin but with more clarity. Other sound elements of the sound signature, such as soundstage and midrange warmth, are also key features.

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3. Noble Audio Kublai Khan

bone conduction driver iem

If you want your head completely wrapped in soothing sub-bass, you’ll love the Noble Audio Kublai Khan.

This IEM uses bone conduction drivers to reproduce the fullest and loudest sub-bass response on this list.

It’s quite shocking how easily it resonates incredibly thick tones, but it does so with grace. This is a very dark tone, but it doesn’t detract from the level of fidelity that Kublai Khan is able to display.

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4. Kinera Imperial Loki

best bone conduction headphones

Like Kublai Khan, Kinera Imperial Loki is also very dark. It has one of the thumpiest, most fun bass responses you’ll find in an IEM.

Everything on the low end tastes great, and it’s all delivered with a meaty response that vibrates through the bone conductor drivers.

This is a response that you can feel rising up your throat and resonating through your jaw.

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5. Noble Audio Onyx

bone conduction earbuds

The Noble Audio Onyx is the most recent IEM released with a bone conductor. This transducer features the most controlled and detailed bass response.

It may not have the funniest or loudest tone, but it’s definitely the clearest. More subtle sub-bass vibrations allow Onyx to present much more transparent frequencies.

Onyx can reveal very natural rhythms with separations that reveal a consistent shape. If you don’t mind a more subdued rumble, Onyx might be your best choice.

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6. KyaMuc BQEYZ Weather Series

bone conduction headphones vs iem

BQEYZ is the first to use self-developed 10mm bass and mid-frequency bone conduction drivers. Through BC, you can create high transients and enjoy immersive sound with mid-bass sounds.

Dual-cavity dynamic drivers deliver a wide soundstage, rich brightness, and extended treble.

BQEYZ stands out in the Chifi audio space, opening new sonic doors with the development of bone conduction drivers with a different implementation.

The fact that the mix of DD dynamics and BC resolution broadens the sub-bass and overall midrange is a fascinating approach to a new type of musicality.

The BQEYZ season series cycle has come to an end, meaning a new series is in the offing. The BQEYZ weather series starts from WIND, bringing you a more unique sound experience.

WIND’s sound is smooth and inviting. After increasing low- and mid-frequency bone conduction, it brings a strong sense of impact.

A bass you can not only hear but also feel. It even zooms in on a lot of details. The high notes are not harsh and the voice is close to the ear. Suitable for powerful singing, human voices, and ACG.

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7. RaptGo Hook-X

iem headphones

I’ll start this list off strong with a device that ranks quite well in its price-to-value ratio and is my personal favorite on this list.

It’s really hard to find something similar on the market to RaptGo’s Hook X, an open-back IEM that utilizes planar hybrid drivers and bone conduction technology.

Wait a minute, planar and bone conduction IEMs cost $250? Clearly, it is a cheap imitation. But no, it’s not like that.

The balance is crisp and spacious, but they deliver powerful bass to the inner ear with conduction that can give even some closed ears a run for their money in the bass response department.

I’ve been thinking about this IEM ever since I first tried it, longing for that distinct physical sensation that vibrates my head from the inside out.

A cool technical design that works surprisingly well and gives the feel of a mad scientist to whoever created Hook-X.

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Bone conduction iem drivers offer an interesting dimension to audio technology when used in in-ear monitors.

The benefits of bypassing the eardrum and maintaining situational awareness make bone conduction IEMs attractive for certain users and activities.

As technology advances, manufacturers and consumers must maintain a balance between innovation and maintaining audio standards.

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