Best Behringer In Ear Monitor System 2024

The best Behringer in-ear monitors reduce stage volume, allow complete freedom of movement, and protect your hearing.

Here is a detailed description of the features and functions of Behringer’s best Ear Monitor system:

Best Behringer In-Ear Monitor System 2024

1. Behringer UL 1000G2

Behringer Powerplay P2

Musicians interested in quiet stage settings using in-ear monitors will absolutely love the Behringer UL 1000G2 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System.

The system consists of a UL 1000G2 half-rack transmitter, a UL 1000G2-R bodypack receiver, and a pair of in-ear monitors.

Operates in the UHF frequency range for reliable transmission in most environments. Simplified controls and a bright display make it easy to get up and running.

Add in an operating range of 200 feet, and Sweetwater believes the Behringer UL 1000G2 is set up for success.

Order the Behringer UL 1000G2 high-performance UHF wireless in-ear monitoring system and enjoy complete freedom on stage.

Behringer designed the UL 1000G2 In-Ear Monitoring System to be extremely simple to use. It has a simplified control layout that makes it easy to switch channels, pair receivers, and more.

behringer wireless in-ear monitor system

Additionally, the transmitter and receiver are equipped with bright displays that are easy to view in all lighting conditions.

Moreover, this system is easily scalable. Add an additional bodypack (sold separately) and easily monitor the entire band.

The UL 1000G2 wireless in-ear monitoring system is a great way to ditch your old monitoring wedges. Going wireless offers several benefits to performers.

First, you can move freely around the stage without compromising the quality of your monitor mix. Second, since you’re not tied to the same location, you don’t have to lug around bulky, old monitor wedges to every gig.

And finally, switching to an in-ear monitoring system allows you to lower the volume across the stage and protect your hearing.

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2. Behringer Powerplay P2

Best wired in-ear monitor system

The Powerplay P2 is the successor to Behringer’s fully passive PM1 personal in-ear monitor amplifier.

The P2 delivers clear audio to your in-ear monitors with a signal boost from an active amplifier and can run for up to 12 hours on two AAA batteries (not included).

This powerful belt- or strap-worn in-ear amplifier is designed specifically for musicians and performers who play instruments that require stationary playing.

Every part of the P2 is designed to withstand the rigors of the road, from the smooth rotary volume control to the exaggerated metal enclosure and belt clip.

Sweetwater reviewers were impressed with the XLR/TRS combo input locking feature. This helps prevent monitor source connections from being lost due to foot traffic and stage accidents.

The Behringer Powerplay P2 uses a standard 3.5mm output jack to drive in-ears, headphones, or earbuds and also features an internal switch to select mono or stereo use.

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