Best In Ear Monitor Transmitter and Receiver

It may take some time to decide which in-ear monitor transmitter and receiver is best for you.

We have detailed filters to help you find the right IEM transmitter and receiver based on brand, series, price range, style, and more.

Do I need a transmitter and receiver for your in-ear monitor?

To receive your in-ear mix on stage, you’ll need a set of wireless transmitters that transmit audio from the board’s auxiliary output. Individual mixes are transmitted wirelessly via specific radio frequencies to belt pack receivers worn on stage.

Best In Ear Monitor Transmitter and Receiver

01. Shure P10T Dual Wireless Transmitter

wireless in-ear monitor transmitter and receiver

Bring your wireless monitor transmitter into the 21st century with the Shure P10T (G10 Band: 470-542 MHz).

This dual-channel, state-of-the-art wireless transmitter can connect to an Ethernet network and can be controlled wirelessly via Wireless Workbench software.

Use the Shure P10R wireless bodypack receiver to build a complete system. The P10T can easily synchronize bodypacks via the IR link. The Shure P10T is the wireless transmitter for today’s musicians.

The Shure P10T is a dual-channel wireless transmitter with full rack space. Provides a wide tuning bandwidth of 72Mhz for excellent performance in environments with many RF signals.

To ensure you’re always connected to your system, the P10T features a 10/50/100mW output power switchable cable that provides a strong RF link. It is also backward compatible with Shure PSM900 systems.

The Shure P10T features a front panel high-contrast LCD with menu items grouped for ease of use. The spectrum display shows a detailed frequency plot on the menu screen.

Set up your rig however you want using front or rear mounted antennas. You can keep your P10T up to date with the ability to update the firmware to the latest release.

The Shure P10T wireless transmitter has the features musicians need to get the best monitor setup possible. The Shure P10T wireless transmitter has the features musicians need to get the best monitor setup possible.

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02. Lectrosonics M2Ra Digital IEM/IFB Receiver

In ear monitor transmitter and receiver price

Lectrosonics’ M2Ra Digital IEM/IFB Receiver is a wireless receiver designed to provide reliable, high-quality wireless monitoring for professional musicians, presenters, and performers in live stage, theater, and broadcast applications.

Depending on region, this receiver version operates in the A1B1 UHF frequency band ranging from 470 to 614 MHz.

The M2Ra is compatible with M2T radio transmitters and features IFB, D2, and HDM-compatible modes for use with additional Lectrosonics transmitter models.

The receiver uses sophisticated antenna diversity switching to ensure stable reception without dropouts or interference.

Additionally, two-way IR synchronization allows data to be transferred from the receiver to the M2T transmitter, and Lectrosonics’ Wireless Designer software uses field RF information to perform frequency planning and coordination quickly and reliably.

24-bit digital audio streams deliver high-resolution sound quality with a wide dynamic range, low noise floor, and robust stereo imaging.

The 3.5mm headphone jack is powered by a high-quality 250mW stereo amplifier, allowing it to drive a variety of headphones, earphones, and in-ear monitors.

Users can choose between stereo, mono on the left or right channels, or mono on both channels, allowing the receiver to quickly adapt to a variety of applications.

The intuitive mixing interface and high-resolution color LCD provide performing artists and monitor engineers with a comfortable and confident user experience.

The M2Ra operates for up to 7 hours on two AA lithium or high-capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries.

03. Xvive U4R2 Wireless

In ear monitor transmitter and receiver manual

The 2.4GHz wireless in-ear monitor system creates a personal or team monitor system that works anywhere in the world and is ready to go wherever your tour takes you.

A range of over 90 feet is perfect for smaller clubs and venues, and can even transmit audio wirelessly to performers on stage.

Less than 5ms latency for interference-free performance, simulcast on 6 channels. Up to 5 hours of battery life is enough to see a show, and the rechargeable batteries can be used for both transmitter and receiver.

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04. Shure P10R+ Wireless Bodypack Receiver

In ear monitor transmitter and receiver for sale

Featuring an advanced hybrid analog/digital architecture, Shure’s P10R+ brings unparalleled sound quality to the PSM 1000 personal monitoring system.

This twin-antenna diversity bodypack receiver delivers incredible headroom, stereo separation, and audio fidelity while also delivering stable RF performance and superior RF signal strength.

The P10R+ includes industry-leading features that ensure easy setup and operation, along with a variety of advanced recharging options.

Ideal for both IEM and IFB applications, the P10R+ operates with the PSM 900 receiver in the same frequency range.

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05. Shure P9RA+ Wireless Bodypack Receiver

in-ear monitor receiver pack

Shure’s P9RA+ wireless bodypack receiver is an updated version of the P9RA low-profile, diverse stereo bodypack receiver for the PSM 900 wireless personal monitor system (sold separately).

The receiver has a slim, compact extruded aluminum construction that allows for easy placement on the performer.

Improvements include more headroom, better stereo separation, higher fidelity for strong RF performance, and a clean, strong signal with fewer dropouts and artifacts.

With touring-grade features such as full-bandwidth RF scanning, front-end RF filtering, and automatic RF gain control, the P9RA+ meets the needs of professional audio applications of all sizes, including IEM and IFB applications.

The receiver easily synchronizes with the P10T transmitter via an IR link using the built-in scan and sync function.

Volume and balance controls are provided for easy customization. A selectable 4-band parametric EQ is also provided.

Shure’s CueMode allows you to monitor a variety of stage mixes as well as store up to 20 different channels in a single bodypack.

The receiver also includes audio and RF status LEDs, as well as audio level and battery life measurements.

P9RA+ provides 4 to 6 hours of continuous use on a pair of standard AA batteries or can be used with Shure Li-ion rechargeable batteries to extend its life.

The P9RA+ has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and is compatible with all Shure SCL noise-canceling earphones designed specifically for PSM systems.

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06. Shure P9T Wireless Transmitter

Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

The P9T transmitter is part of the Shure PSM 900 series, which is the first to include the extremely convenient CueMode technology.

This show-saving feature allows monitor engineers to hear up to 20 different feeds from the performers on stage to the P9R receiver.

In this way, the P9T allows monitor engineers to easily make critical adjustments to levels and balance everything, ensuring performers hear what they need to sound their best.

The P9T transmitter is a half-rack wireless transmitter with ” 1/4″

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07. Shure P9HW Hardwired

Electronic ear monitor for fluid

Shure’s P9HW is a two-channel stereo-wired personal monitor with individual mix controls.

Designed to provide improved audio clarity and reduced feedback over traditional speaker wedges in audio applications such as live stages, theatres, rehearsals, houses of worship, and more.

You can listen to one or two audio channels from the mixing console through the earphones. MixMode lets you customize the mono blend or listen in stereo mode and set the left and right audio balance individually.

The P9HW is built with a 4-band EQ and features a volume limiter to further personalize your sound. Two standard AA batteries provide up to 6 hours of continuous use.

The optional SB900 rechargeable battery (sold separately) extends usage time and allows easy charging within the device. The P9HW’s compact and sturdy aluminum body ensures a long service life.

This bodypack receiver attaches to a belt or other strap. A Y-splitter cable is included for connecting audio sources.

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08. Shure PA411 Antenna Combiner

Shure PA411 Antenna Combiner

The Shure PA411 wireless antenna combiner makes setting up the PSM 300 wireless in-ear monitor system easy.

The PA411 combines the antennas of up to four PT3 radio transmitters into a single device with a single antenna, so you no longer have to struggle to close the rack lid or search for a lost antenna in the dark.

And you no longer have to struggle with spaghetti-thin power supply cables, wall warts, and power strips that don’t have enough space. Shure’s PA411 also includes a cable to distribute power to the PT3 transmitter!

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09. Shure P3T Wireless Monitor Transmitter

Shure P3T Wireless Monitor Transmitter

Shure’s P3T-G20 wireless transmitter is the reliable personal monitoring innovation you’ve been waiting for.

Whether you’re playing live or rehearsing, one-touch IR sync takes the guesswork out of your frequency settings, making it easy to get great monitoring every time.

Stop struggling with floor wedge monitors interfering with your main PA and loud stage volumes that can cause hearing loss.

With smart, versatile components and innovative technology that can grow with you as your needs change,

Shure’s P3T-G20 wireless transmitter and PSM 300 Series are a practical alternative to floor wedges for players looking to make the smart transition to in-ear monitoring.

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10. Xvive U4 wireless IEM transmitter and belt pack receiver

Xvive U4 wireless IEM transmitter and belt pack receiver

2.4GHz wireless in-ear monitor system creates a personal or team monitoring system. Uncompressed wireless signal transmission, low noise, and latency.

Mono-balanced XLR or mono-unbalanced TS input. Provides smooth frequency response on all headphones.

Interference-free simulcast of six channels, latency of less than 5ms, and signal-to-noise ratio of up to 107dB deliver clear, detailed audio at any volume.

High-resolution 24-bit/48kbps audio. Wide 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, dynamic range 107dB.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, 5 hours of battery life, and a power cable to ensure great performance for every show.

Built-in limiter circuit eliminates distortion at excessive input levels. The front panel 1/4 inch monitoring features a headphone jack.

It can replace traditional complex sound monitoring equipment and achieve great listening effects.

Using advanced circuit design, outstanding chips, eliminate the receiving blind angle, making the system’s receiving signal more stable.

The housing is made of sturdy metal. It is the best choice among monitor products.

Take it out of the case or pocket, plug it in, then turn it on and press and hold the CHANNEL BUTTON key to match the transmitter and receiver at the same time. Time, play.

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11. Audio Technica ATW-R3250

Audio Technica ATW-R3250

This powerful in-ear monitor wireless receiver is built for use with Audio-Technica 3000 Series systems. The ATW-R3250 receiver packs a variety of features into one low-profile body pack.

It has a sturdy clip for attaching to clothing, a volume knob, an OLED screen for viewing settings, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. result? It is a simple receiver that is easy to understand and operate.

Sound professionals will also appreciate the back-end audio integrity of this receiver.

There’s also a separate antenna for added RF stability, a high-quality headphone amplifier for consistent clarity, a level lock tool, and a cue mode that lets you store up to 10 individual channels and monitor different mixes.

The bodypack accepts AA batteries and is compatible with ATW-CHG3 and ATW-CHG3N chargers.

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12. LEKATO MS-1 Wireless

LEKATO MS-1 Wireless

The MS-1 wireless in-ear monitor system adopts 2.4G wireless technology, providing lossless sound quality, and low noise/low latency.

One-key switching between mono/stereo inputs provides a smooth frequency response from any earphone.

The wireless transmitter and receiver pair automatically, so you don’t need to change channels.

Power on, press and hold both “PAIR” buttons simultaneously, and wait until the green light stops blinking, and pairing is successful.

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery allows use for up to 5 hours after fully charged. Make sure your show is perfect!!

Less than 12ms latency, 24bit/48kbps high resolution, wide 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, 105dB dynamic range.

Multiple receivers can be paired with one TX simultaneously. Supports up to “6” sets of devices simultaneously, allowing them to operate simultaneously.

Meets the needs of small and medium stage performances and daily practice.

This is an affordable wireless earphone monitoring system for musicians, allowing them to enjoy the pleasure of music at a fraction of the cost.

Comes with a wireless transmitter, receiver, two 3.5mm audio cables, a charging cable, and a 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter.

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13. Shure P3RA Wireless

Shure P3RA Wireless

Shure’s P3RA-G20 wireless bodypack receiver puts advanced in-ear monitor control at your fingertips.

Packed with professional features that give you in-depth control, the P3RA-G20 lets you shape the sound of your monitor mix with mix and volume level controls, EQ, and volume limiting.

You can also choose between MixMode and Stereo Mode to create your two-channel mix with only the adjustments you need for great performance.

With a one-button setup, rechargeable battery options, and a rugged yet lightweight metal clip-on design, the Shure P3RA-G20 wireless bodypack receiver makes great monitoring simple and convenient.

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