5+ Best IEM Cable with Mic in 2024

Upgrade your IEM with the highest quality upgrade cables with Mic for in-ear monitors (IEMs) and headphones.

The cables we selected provide improved sound quality and clarity and are made from premium materials for durability and longevity.

With a variety of connectors and lengths, our cables are compatible with a wide range of audio equipment.

Browse our collection today and take your audio experience to the next level with the best upgrade cables

Best IEM Cable with Mic

1. IEM boom microphone cable

2 pin iem cable with mic

This 48-inch cable comes in a beautiful, smooth black finish.

Features a 0.75mm 2-pin connector with a 4-conductor TRRS 3.5mm audio jack. For this reason, all boom microphones come with a microphone cable adapter that swaps grounds.

and microphone pins may not work with audio equipment that does not support TRRS connectors.

This cable is compatible with all 2-pin 64 audio in-ear monitors, including A-series, U-series, and legacy V-series IEMs. It is also compatible with all brand IEMs that use a 0.75mm 2-pin socket.

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2. 64 audio cable with microphone

iem cable with boom mic

This cable with a microphone lets you easily control your music and take calls on the go. This cable has a beautiful, soft-touch black finish.

This product features a 2-pin connector from 64 Audio with a 4-conductor TRRS 3.5mm audio jack. This jack may not work with audio equipment that does not support TRRS connectors.

Therefore, all cables with microphone accessories come with a microphone cable adapter.

When replacing cables, make sure each connector is marked with a red or blue dot. Attach each side with the colored dot facing up. Red=right, blue=left

This cable is compatible with all 64 audio in-ear monitors, including A-Series, U-Series, and legacy V-Series IEMs.

It is also compatible with all brand IEMs using IPX (estron T2™) or 0.75mm 2-pin socket. (Ultimate Ears, Westone Audio, InEarz and Dream Earz).

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3. EarAudio IEM cable with microphone

best budget iem cable

If you are looking for a top-quality IEM cable with a boom mic, the EarAudio IEM cable with a boom mic is the best option.

This cable is made from high-quality materials and features a durable and flexible design. The detachable boom microphone is perfect for phone calls, gaming, and other voice-based applications.

The EarAudio IEM cable with a boom mic is compatible with most 0.78mm 2Pin/MMCX IEMs and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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4. HiFiGo Kinera Celeste Rui

best 2 pin iem cable with mic

Kinera’s sister brand Celest has launched a new upgrade cable for IEMs, introducing the all-new Celest Ruyi. High-quality OFC wire upgrade cable featuring a detachable boom mic.

Ruyi has deep roots in the classics of Chinese dynasties. This is inspired by the legendary “Shanhai Jing”, where Ruyi was actually a weapon used by the emperor against Chiyou in ancient times.

Equipped with a detachable microphone, Celest Ruyi can be used for calls, meetings, mobile karaoke, and any other scenario where a microphone is needed.

The 2-pin 0.78mm connector lets you pair your favorite high-performance IEMs on the go.

The Celest Ruyi upgrade cable features a hand-braided two-strand construction. Each strand here has 16*6*0.08mm high-quality OFC wire to produce the strand.

High-purity OFC (oxygen-free copper) material enhances output with smooth signal transmission and enhances bass response with rich tones.

Celest designed the cable using beautiful sandblasted aluminum alloy metal components for the termination plugs and Y-splitter.

The cable has a 3.5mm termination with a pure copper plug. A standard 2-pin gold-plated 0.78mm connector is adopted for wide compatibility with a variety of IEMs.

Celest Ruyi is a high-quality IEM upgrade cable. Use it with premium IEMs to enjoy voice calls, video conferencing, online classes, and more.

The cable is compatible with a variety of accessories, including a 3.5mm-Lighting connector and a 3.5mm-Type-C connector. You can easily use it with your smartphone. Celest is attractively priced at just $29.99. Find out more here.

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5. Kinboofi KZ OFC flat cable

iem wireless cable

KZ earphone cable adopts high-purity oxygen-free copper flat upgraded cable, making it clearer and more balanced.

It can also restore live sound and bring immersive and shocking sound effects. KZ IEM cables allow you to explore true musical levels.

Comfort and Fit: The wire material is soft and sturdy, and the ear hooks exactly match the shape of the human ear, making it very comfortable and comfortable for anyone wearing it.

The 3.5mm plug allows for easy plugging and unplugging. Not easy to break. What’s better is that the earphone cable uses TPE transparent skin, and high-strength rebound to reduce tangles.

Improved Sound Quality: This KZ earphone cable allows you to easily replace the cable with an upgraded cable.

Professional high-purity oxygen-free copper, high-frequency ductility, the sound is simpler and more transparent, and the high frequency is brighter.

Low-frequency textures are stronger and vocals have more detail. The listening experience is smoother, and sound purity and fidelity are better guaranteed.

The plug is 3.5mm and can be used for a 3.5mm jack Android, tablet, mp3 mp4, and other audio music players. And this model is designed with multiple connectors to fit most earbuds. This comes with B-type pins.

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There are many IEM upgrade cables on the market, but not many come with inline microphones.

For audiophiles, the reasoning makes quite a bit of sense, but for the average user who needs a microphone but gets the best sound at the same time, JCALLY has the answer.

Get the new JC08S 8-Core OFC IEM Cable with Microphone and enjoy the best of both worlds: portability and sound.

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