Raptgo Hook X HBB Gaming IEM Review 2024

The Raptgo Hook X HBB is a custom retuned version of the original Raptgo Hook-X.

It maintains the same hybrid planar magnetic/piezoelectric, semi-open back design, but has been reworked with larger magnets, better sound quality, and a new look.

Raptgo hook x hbb review

The spacious, detailed sound makes it the perfect choice for both gaming and music.

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Raptgo Hook X HBB Gaming IEM Review 2024

Design and Build

Hook’s overall structure is very nice. All are made of metal and made on a high-precision 5-axis CNC machine with an open-back design. The back consists of two metal parts.

One consists of a black metal mesh paired with large vents, providing wide ventilation characteristics that minimize sound leakage

while preventing unwanted resonance or distortion commonly found in fully closed shells.

The size is a bit chunky but not too big. The shell part that goes into your ear has an organic shape, so you won’t be able to insert it deeply unless you use very long triple-flange eartips.

It’s not too heavy, so I think it’s very comfortable to listen to for long periods of time.

The modular cables included are of very good quality. It has two thick nylon-covered cores for exceptional softness and flexibility. These cores are made from OCC silver-plated strands with coaxial shielding.

Durability looks very promising. It includes three modular plugs to meet all your needs. The packaging comes in a small, urban-looking black box.

Accessories include a modular cable, a standard carrying case, and six pairs of silicone eartips housed in a plastic case.

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Sound Stage

This is where the benefits of the HBB Hook-X’s open-back design are immediately apparent. I’m generally prepared to forgive poor soundstage in IEMs under $300, but the HBB Hook-X requires no such forgiveness.

The stage provides its greatest spatial characteristic in width but also features some depth and height.

The unique effects produced by PZT drivers are also noteworthy.

The official classification as a bone conduction driver may have disappeared, but the HHB Hook-X’s low frequencies are claimed to produce something like bone conduction.

The kick drum was a little heavier than a typical bass slam and had a three-dimensional component that stuck in your head.

You will see this to be particularly interesting and add to the already vibrant imaging in a unique way, providing snack-sized bone-conduction low-end from much higher-end IEMs.

Lowest point

The low end of the HBB Hook-X may be the most impressive and interesting part of the IEM balance.

As I said in the previous section, it has a punchy, powerful bass slam that can send the kick drum deep into the middle and back of your head.

The sub also makes quite a statement, as it doesn’t take much to get the HBB Hook-X roaring.

However, the punchy mid-bass seems to be the most prominent and noticeable quality in the bass response. This power comes without compromising the separation or clarity of the scale.

The bass boost appears to be concentrated in the mids and subs, while the treble is cooled down to maintain its distinction from the midrange.


The mid-range frequencies offer more supporting qualities in the HBB Hook-X signature and primarily serve to provide a wider space between the IEM’s powerful low-end and fast high-end.

I was pleased to see that the vocals, while a bit light, were not harmed by this tuning and were presented in a natural and airy manner.

Perhaps the only criticism I have about this tuning decision is on the snare drum. These drums sounded a bit thin, with the low-mid and treble characteristics masking the thump in the low-mids.

Tom-Toms seem to place a light emphasis on the low mids, but most key components such as guitars, vocals, and keyboards/synthesizers respond to the central mids and gravitate towards the highs and lows.

I would like to point out that there is a distinct lack of warmth in the HBB Hook-X’s signature. But this is a quality I really appreciated, as it seemed to have a crisp balance with great separation.

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While the powerful sub and mid-bass present in the HBB Hook-X played a significant role in the overall impression of balance, the bold amplitude found in the higher frequencies makes the Hook-X as much of a treble as it is a bass.

In fact, I find the HBB Hook-X to be a very treble-ready IEM, finding decent amplitude in both the lows and mids and ample extension in the treble.

The vocal reverb and harmonic overtones of the electric guitar were particularly strongly emphasized, while the acoustic guitar had more intense, washboard-like transients greatly enhanced.

The hi-hats had sharp intensity, and the vocals, already bright in the midrange, glided cheerfully through the harsh details.

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