Linsoul 7HZ Legato Review

Linsoul Legato is a new 7Hz in-ear monitor from a brand best known for its Timeless planar magnetic in-ears, which have been a huge success for Chinese brands.

Linsoul 7HZ Legato Highlights

7hz legato frequency response

The 7HZ Legato is technically a dual dynamic driver universal IEM.

It uses a 12mm multi-layer woofer driver inner ear monitor, with 6mm drivers inside for midrange and treble, making it a dual driver IEM.

The crossover system design is made in Japan and uses internal tantalum capacitors.

As a byproduct of excellent customer feedback, 7HZ specifically designed the Legato as an upgrade to the older Salnotes Zero model.

7HZ also says that its 6mm tweeter drivers are custom-made in-house using metal parts.

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Linsoul 7HZ Legato Review

7HZ Legato

Legato is a dual-dynamic driver Universal IEM. There is a 12mm woofer driver + 6mm tweeter/midrange driver for a dual dynamic driver setup.

7Hz claims Legato features eight Japanese-made audio-grade tantalum capacitors for a unique crossover design.

The IEM also features a CNC aviation-grade aluminum case and a 2-pin 0.78mm OCC+silver-plated OCC detachable cable.


The Legato features a CNC aluminum shell that makes it look much heavier than it is. The nozzle sticks out quite a bit from the shell, which in my case allows for a deeper fit with a smaller tip.

Combined with the rounded edges of the shell, I found them to be very comfortable even during long listening sessions without feeling uncomfortable or tired.

Aesthetically speaking, this is the most “normal” looking 7Hz IEM I’ve ever seen.

It looks elegant, with a dark gray, almost gunmetal color and textured faceplate, and doesn’t tend to show every last fingerprint like other smooth metal finishes.

It’s considerably smaller than models like Timeless, Eternal, or Dioko, and much better looking than Zero’s “toy-like” build (of course, in my opinion).

The included cables are also excellent in both build quality and appearance, making them a good match for the IEMs. Overall, I think they are well made, look good, and are comfortable.

So I can’t ask for more in the build and aesthetics department.

7hz legato price


Perhaps it’s just the waning years of old age, but I haven’t received any praise for the bass of this model, which has achieved near-meme status on audio forums.

Yes, it has pretty good bass depth and volume, but it doesn’t feel that way with the default flat EQ.

That said, I don’t think this Legato has a very interesting or noticeable low end when running purely with the EQ disabled and without any changes.

No doubt it will still be fun. But the amount without bass boosting is worth a shrug.

If you add an EQ to the mix and a bass booster in there you can get some really lovely bass depth. These drivers are powerful enough to respond to boosting on the lower end of the spectrum.

So we’re looking at an approximate total of +6 to +8 dB of added bass. This gives Legato an incredible feel on the low end while maintaining excellent control.


The fidelity factor is relatively dry and not at all interesting in terms of tonality. The stars of the show are the physical quantities.

The purity factor is very good and the price/performance ratio is excellent.

However, tone and texture are one-note, lacking the interesting, dynamic differential tones and physicality when picking through multiple bass tracks.

This means that the Legato bass experience is the same no matter what I do, and it doesn’t respond well to the different bass tones found in different tracks. The sound and feel of the bass are all the same.

Linsoul 7HZ Legato


Despite the heavy bass potential, even when heavily boosted, the legato midrange is not overpowered by the rich bass experience. Instead, they stand out and belong in the mid-forward tier.

This means that the headphones present mids that are more forward, more engaging, and closer to the listener, rather than sounding recessed and distant.

The fidelity and purity are excellent.

People continue to praise the excellent bass of this IEM and I seem to be the only one who has noticed that the mids are fantastic and not at all reflective of a budget IEM and more reflective of a mid-range IEM.

The midrange is the absolute star of the show and I fully support this sentiment.

If you push the bass into oblivion, the mids will usually become muddled, faded, muted, and desaturated due to the overload of lows pouring over the mids. Here, the mids are muted due to excessive and rich bass.


As much as I like the bass and midrange of this model, the treble is overly muted and tame.

These IEMs drop the top few toggles on the EQ, bringing the treble down to -5dB and providing a treble experience similar to crossing the zero barrier and going negative.

The top is severely lacking in shine, shine, and nothing interesting in terms of tone and physics.

This is not a fidelity issue. Sharpness is okay. What feels incredibly low is a physical quantity. Noticeable lows, excellent mids, great separation, and fairly tame highs?

In fact, without the EQ activated, it’s like there’s a cover on the top that doesn’t shine and prevents any interesting bite or flare at the top.

Simply put, Legato’s treble is overly restrained and polite in terms of the tone and texture of the listening experience.

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7hz legato review audiophile

The 7Hz Legato has good packaging, good construction and design, and a very fun sound for the price.

The dual dynamic driver setup delivers great low-end, natural tonality, and spacious staging that feels wide and deep for bass heads.

You also get a soft and creamy presentation, which lacks treble energy but is, from another perspective, a relaxed and mellow approach.

There are definitely areas that can be improved. The bass quality could be better, the treble more sparkling and extended, and the midrange more resolving.

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