Top 10+ Best IEM Under $100 2024

For under $100 you can get IEM (In Ear Monitors) for personal audio. Being able to listen to great music anytime, anywhere is a huge advantage.

However, when there are quite a few options on the market, choosing between the two can be a difficult task.

With a clear budget in mind, we’ve selected the best IEMs under $100. Hopefully, this helps you find great audio at an affordable price.

Best IEM Under $100 2024

1. Fiio FD3

Best iem under $100 for gaming

The bass is very expansive, with the lowest frequencies reproduced with clarity and high resolution, and excellent transient attack.

The tone is very natural and the notes have a satisfying weight to them. There’s a healthy rumble in the sub-bass, a lively kick in the mid-bass, and a bit of bleed in the midrange.

The midrange shows a natural tone with a warm tone. The cello and piano have attractive wooden tones, the brass has good bite and attack, and the woodwinds retain their individual character.

The strings play with a smooth quality and very good separation. Male vocals have much-needed warmth, while female vocals are clear and well-defined. Musicality and smoothness are the keywords.

The treble is incredibly extended and detailed without any harshness, peaks, or sibilance, providing a comfortable and smooth delivery that is musically pleasing.

The separation and timbre are very proficient and you can sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the music.

FD3 features a wide, three-dimensional, almost holographic stage that fills the space between and beyond your ears with a wide panorama of sound and atmosphere.

Layering and separation are very clear and imaging is accurate with good stereo movement.

This style of cinematic expression is well-suited to large-scale classical works and electronic soundscapes, but at the same time, more intimately recorded works are of appropriate scale.

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2. Shure SE215-K

best budget iem 2024

The Shure SE215 IEMs are of incredible value at this price point, delivering premium music sound quality and phone call performance.

Let’s take a look at what makes these in-ear headphones the best headphones under $100.

When it comes to design, these noise-canceling headphones are available in three variants: black, blue, and transparent.

I was surprised at how light the earbuds were for the audio quality they delivered. The optimized nozzle angle makes it comfortable to wear, and the moldable wire ensures stable placement.

The Shure SE215 certainly looks cool, but what makes them stand out above all other earbuds under $100 is their impressive soundstage for all music genres.

You also enjoy the best call quality. It felt like I was in the same room as the other person.

When it comes to sound quality, it’s noise that can ruin your listening experience. Whether it’s construction noise, screaming children, or a loud crowd during a performance, these earbuds provide complete noise isolation.

There is also a Shure SE215 Bluetooth true wireless earbud model, but I found this model to be better when it comes to ambient noise cancellation.

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3. Skullcandy Sesh Evo True Wireless

Best iem under $100 reddit

One of the best wireless iem under $100 comes second to the Cystereo Fusion because of battery life, but more on that in a moment.

First off, the Evo True earbuds look great. Skullcandy hits a home run with a variety of color schemes including Bleached Blue, True Black, Deep Red, and Pure Mint.

The IP55 rating ensures that these earbuds can withstand dust and water. This certification gives it maximum points in the durability factor.

A stylish charging case, 3 sets of eartips, and a charging USB cable are included in the package.

Although you can technically use these IEMs for listening to music, they shine in other areas as well.

Conversations are displayed with superior 4-microphone technology that delivers clear sound and accurate voice input.

The integrated controls are functional and provide easy access to just about everything, including volume control, pause, and answering calls.

To adjust and personalize the sound, you can use the Skullcandy app on both iOS and Android.

However, all these extra features come at the price of significantly shorter battery life compared to other Bluetooth earbuds.

If this is a deciding factor for you, always carry the charging case with you while using these earbuds.

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4. Aivaso IT00

best iem for gaming

The iBasso iT00 delivers a very pleasing sound rooted in rich, meaty sub-bass, balanced midrange and relaxed treble.

Thanks to superior flux and dynamic drive design, the bass is rich and distinct, adding warmth to the overall tonal profile.

The midrange has a gentle U-shaped imposition, creating a good sense of space and scale. While the upper midrange frequencies rise, the IT00 is free from rigidity and fatigue.

The treble has an overall soft and relaxed feel, contributing to the overall organic sound. As a result, the IT00 is versatile across a variety of genres.

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5. Cystereo Fusion

best wireless iem under $100

The Cystereo Fusion IEMs are one of the best earbuds under $100 for several reasons. It’s a bit of a cliché if you ask me, but the important thing is that they stick to it.

So, if you value a luxurious design, you may be able to find earbuds that look more expensive.

However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one this affordable, let alone the durable charging case that comes with this model.

Additionally, the ergonomic triple-hold structure ensures a very comfortable fit for your ears. These true wireless IEMs are loaded with features that make them easy to use.

For example, one-step pairing with your desired device (PC, tablet, phone) works immediately and automatically connects to previously paired devices whenever they are within range.

But ultimately, it’s the wireless sound quality that earns these earbuds the title of best true wireless in-ear headphones.

Not only are they clear and bass-rich, something you don’t often find in true wireless earbuds, but voice call quality is also impeccable.

You can also remove a single IEM headphone from the charging case for a well-functioning mono mode, or use both in classic stereo mode.

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6. Blon BL-05s

Blon BL-05s

The typical profile is a mild V or L shape. The bass is deep and focuses on sub-bass, which is somewhat higher than the rest of the range.

The transition to mid-bass and mid-bass is uniform and smooth without any bass bleed.

The midrange has a natural timbre, sometimes showing a little extra brightness in the upper region.

The absence of bass bleed allows the midrange to breathe, improving the soundstage and creating more detail. Stereo imaging is very wide and deep.

The BL-05’s high frequencies are bright, extended, and rich in detail. The lower region is slightly warmer than the upper region. The presentation is generally smooth and free of distracting peaks.

The BL-05s presents a wide, deep, and spacious stage. Separation and instrument positioning are noteworthy, and stereo imaging is particularly effective, creating a holographic effect.

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7. Sony WI-XB400

Sony WI-XB400

Sony WI-XB400 comes with remote control buttons allow voice assistant control on both iOS and Android, and USB Type C for charging is included with purchase.

It’s a shame that Sony didn’t aspire too high when it comes to noise cancellation in this headphone monitor system.

If only the sound quality were a little better, I would recommend these true wireless earbuds to musicians as well.

Additionally, the battery life is satisfactory. It only takes about 3 hours to fully charge, but you can also use fast charging in stages.

For example, after charging for about 10 minutes, I was able to get 60 minutes of runtime with continuous playback, which is pretty good.

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8. FiiO JH3

FiiO JH3

JH3 has a vivid and dynamic sound. The overall profile is a soft W shape, closer to the bright side of neutral.

The bass was boosted somewhat, with a solid sub-bass showing a nice “rumble” and a punchy mid-bass full of energy.

The definition and speed are very good. The tone is natural and warm, and the resolution and scalability are outstanding.

The midrange is clear and expressive, with a gradual rise at the border with the bass range and a bit of extra warmth in the low end.

The presentation is slightly forward, with an overall “W” profile, providing plenty of detail with above-average clarity and natural tonality.

The treble is bright, energetic, and very detailed. There is unexpected excellent separation and layering for the price, and satisfying musicality along with an addictive rhythm character.

Detail retrieval is excellent, with the finest and most subtle elements clearly audible.

Occasionally the JH3 will play rough, but this is rare and only happens in certain genres and at high volumes.

The soundstage extends in all three dimensions, exhibiting excellent layering and separation, precise imaging, and reproducing studio effects such as particularly well-rendered reverb and phasing.

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Next up is the TIN Audio T2 from Linsoul, a refreshed audio company especially known for making sound-signature in-ear headphones. Let’s take a look at why these IEMs are one of the best earbuds under $100.

One of the key characteristics of these ear monitors is the material. The combination of silver-plated wire and metal shell adds a sophisticated vibe to the design.

This IEM also comes with multiple eartips to fit all ear canal sizes. What ultimately won me over is the great sound the dynamic drivers produce.

The 10mm woofer and 6mm tweeter combine to deliver bass-rich, rich sound for all music genres.

Add powerful passive noise isolation to the equation and it becomes clear that these in-ear headphones meet the needs of audiophiles.

However, it is not suitable for practical needs. These noise-canceling earphones don’t have a microphone, so they don’t get a higher score.

So, if you are someone who is looking for earphones under $100 for sound quality, go ahead. But if you’re looking for in-ear monitors with a microphone, look elsewhere!

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10. HZ Sound Heart Mirror

HZ Sound Heart Mirror

The bass is neutral, with some reduction in level compared to the rest of the range, but lower frequencies are reproduced cleanly with excellent texture and resolution, and the sub-bass is very natural, with noticeable extension.

The midrange is very clear and detailed, with absolutely no bass bleed. There is a refreshing openness and spaciousness to the sound.

The tone expresses the characteristics of the instruments well, and the vocals are clear and clear.

The treble is clean and well-extended, brighter than neutral but without any harsh or distracting peaks. Certain materials may sound sharp, mainly when the recording quality is poor.

It has an attractive “airy” quality and crystal clear transparency, giving the sound an unusual level of clarity and detail.

With its exceptional clarity and wide frequency range, the Heart Mirror’s soundstage was expansive in all three dimensions, with very good layering, separation, and imaging.

The reproduction of ambiance and studio reverb was particularly good and helped create a more realistic picture of the recording.

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11. 1MORE Triple Driver

1MORE Triple Driver

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear headphones have a lot to offer, from high-quality sound to an outstanding user experience. Nothing about the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones gives away their price range.

It looks luxurious right out of the elegant magnetic closure box. There’s a leather pocket for the earbuds and up to 9 pairs of combined eartips nicely laid out on the right side for you to choose from.

They also feature foam tips, something you don’t find on some headphones that cost three times as much.

These IEMs performed consistently well in all areas. Balanced armatures and separate dynamic drivers combine to deliver incredible clarity and deep bass.

I also liked how intuitive the intelligent control technology was to use. Everything you can imagine is possible, from controlling Android and iOS phones to adjusting volume, selecting songs, and sports and exercise modes.

Another accolade is its efficient noise cancellation feature, which dims low-frequency noise but doesn’t completely eliminate it for accurate music reproduction.

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12. Moondrop Aria

Moondrop Aria

The bass rises slightly in the sub-bass range and transitions into the midrange without bleeding. At the lower end of the spectrum, there is a decent amount of rumble.

There’s a liveliness and immediacy to the low-mids, texture, and resolution are well-judged with a very natural timbre, and there’s an overall tuneful, musical quality.

The midrange is open and expressive and largely neutral in tone with a hint of coolness. There’s noticeable transparency and no bass bleed, so the midrange feels more forward with plenty of detail.

The clarity is excellent, with a good balance of technical prowess and musical expression.

The high frequencies are particularly clear and very scalable and open. It puts shades on the cool side of neutrals. Detail retrieval is great, resolution is high and there is very detailed evidence.

The Aria’s soundstage exhibits impressive width, with the image extending beyond the ears. The height is also impressive and gives the stage a spacious feel.

Due to the forward nature of the midrange, depth is not very extensive.

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13. KZ AS10 Earbuds Pure 5

KZ AS10 Earbuds Pure 5

In terms of design, these in-ear monitors feature one of the most innovative solutions. Based on how it looks, I wouldn’t be surprised if it costs a lot more.

The earbuds are available in different colors (black, green, silver-black, and silver-blue) and will definitely grab everyone’s attention.

The eartips are not only attractive but also comfortable on the ear canal. It is convenient that there is a two-way detachable cable and the plug is a standard 3.5mm type.

In addition to their high-quality design, the KZ AS10 earbuds offer an outstanding sound signature.

The sound is warm, detailed, and clear, with no significant degradation. Moreover, noise isolation is good and this IEM is responsible for accurate music reproduction.

Balanced armature drivers consisting of 5 midrange and high frequencies further enhance sound quality.

Now, if you are looking for a set of IEMs for voice and video calls, this should not be your main choice.

As good as the sound quality is, they don’t have a microphone and can’t compare to true wireless earbuds in terms of hands-free calling.

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best iem for gaming 2024

Best Budget IEM under $100 buying guide

It’s difficult to distinguish between good IEMs at a glance. High-end IEMs have a variety of characteristics that require a bit of research to establish.

To help you choose the best device, we’ve summarized a list of factors to consider when looking for IEMs that will meet your audiophile needs!

Sound quality

Sound quality is the key to music reproduction. Different IEMs have unique sound signatures. The most common features are treble head, neutral, bass head, V-shaped, and mid-center.

Your sonic preferences and favorite music genres will determine which IEM sound signature is right for you.

Hip-hop enthusiasts, for example, will find Basshead IEMs really great because they are relatively better at producing the low-frequency effects that are characteristic of such music.

On the other hand, if you are looking for clarity in music vocals, mid-center tuning IEMs will be your best choice. For classical music, it is better to use a neutral sound signature.

Although driver brand is not the most important aspect of sound quality, dynamic drivers (DD) provide better tonal accuracy, while balanced armatures (BA) provide better technical performance.

However, tuning and implementation ultimately determine sound quality.

Cable Configuration

If you decide you want reliable sound through a wired connection, you have another choice. Do you want a straight design or an earring design?

The former is a normal configuration, and the latter is a configuration that allows you to wrap the earbuds around your head.

My vote here is in favor of behind the ears, not only because it’s harder to find, but because it’s convenient to keep the cables out of the way.

best iem

Ear Tips

Most earbuds come with one or more pairs of eartips to better fit the size of your ear canal. Most of the products I choose come in at least three sizes.

Next is the choice of material. Both silicone and foam eartips block out external noise well and allow you to focus on the sound.

However, silicone tips are more stable and tend to stay in place even when there is a lot of movement. Therefore, active performers may prefer foam products, although they are more comfortable.

Ideally, you get both and can mix them up sometimes.

Microphone (if required)

Some IEM earbuds come with a microphone. But is it really necessary? It’s up to you. In most cases, professionals choose earbuds without a microphone simply because they don’t need one.

Likewise, most manufacturers of professional earbuds exclude microphones.

On the other hand, if you’re buying earbuds for talking or phone use, you shouldn’t settle for a model without a microphone.


Good IEMs have excellent noise isolation capabilities, using a physical barrier to block outside sound waves.

Likewise, wrapping your palms over your ears will help you hear less noise, and ventless IEMS tend to provide better isolation than vented and open backs.

However, noise cancellation is an important factor when using the device outdoors. Using poorly insulated IEMs outdoors is hazardous to your health.

You have to turn up the volume to exceed the noise level, which can be harmful to your ears. Memory foam tips fit snugly into your ears and provide optimal isolation.


cheap iem in 2024

In-ear monitors (IEMs) are fantastic tools for personal audio. Being able to listen to great music anytime, anywhere is a huge advantage.

However, when there are quite a few options on the market, choosing between the two can be a difficult task. With a clear budget in mind, we’ve selected the best IEMs under $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best earbuds under $100?

For under $100 in ear monitors consider the Fiio FD3 as the best earbuds under $100.

Fiio FD3 has once again shown that it builds everything you want as a professional musician without spending a lot of money.

The Fiio FD3 will appeal to any musician who wants to add a special touch to their playing. These earbuds deliver fantastic sound, from a satisfying amount of woofer to accurate mids and highs.

Even if you jump around the stage, it stays in place.

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