6 Best Dual Wireless In-Ear Monitor Systems in 2024

Dual wireless in-ear monitors are very important for most bands and musicians. Unfortunately, many in-ear systems are relatively expensive.

This is why many people decide to buy a dual system instead. Dual in-ear monitor systems come with two or more receivers per transmitter.

best budget in-ear monitors

So you get better bang for your buck overall. After extensive research, testing, and help from several musician friends; We’ve compiled a list of the best dual wireless in-ear monitor systems in every budget range.

6 Best Dual Wireless In-Ear Monitor Systems in 2024

1. Phenyx Pro wireless dual IEM for musicians

Dual in-Ear Monitor Systems

This mono dual wireless in-ear audio monitor system operates with 50 selectable frequencies more than 6 units can work together.

Utilizes UHF full audio signal transmission for zero latency. A wireless design that reduces clutter on stage allows users to move freely in open spaces and line-of-sight with an operating distance of 140 feet to 164 feet.

When moving long distances, avoid thick walls, glass, and metal blocks. Elegant and stylish design for in-ear monitor transmitter and receiver.

The metal transmitter of this studio audio monitor features an LCD panel that provides system details.

Left and right inputs for personal audio mixes with clear mono sound monitoring. Wireless IEM systems also run left/right lines back to the soundboard or speakers.

This allows the original audio signal to pass through the wireless monitor unaffected.

A simple setup with uninterrupted frequencies to optimize the sound performance of this personal monitor system. Good quality earphones provide pure sound and improved performance.

UHF for singers works perfectly for sound monitoring events, stages, studio recordings, exhibitions, lectures, training, speeches, and more. The package includes the tools needed to operate with standard racks.

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2. Shure PSM300

best Dual IEM for singers

Next, the Shure PSM300 is one of the best professional dual wireless in-ear monitor systems on the list. In fact, this might be the most professional dual system on the entire market.

But there’s a problem. It comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Best of all, this system is incredibly stable. Interference does not cause dropout issues.

Automatic frequency scanning automatically selects the clearest available channel. The transmitter is made of sturdy metal for durability and longevity. Do not forget it. A rack mount is also possible.

When it comes to sound quality and audio clarity, you’ll be very satisfied with the Shure PSM300 for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is a hybrid system that utilizes the advantages of both UHF and digital transmission. Little to no latency of standard UHF combined with 24-bit digital clean audio.

Another thing you will appreciate is the earbuds that come with your purchase. It works incredibly effectively at isolating sound from the external environment, improving overall audio clarity.

What we must not forget is that the bass sound is very deep and clear without any distortion.

Full setup and synchronization of the Shure PSM300 is very easy. First, open the receiver (bodypack) on the back and hold down the scan button until the channels start changing.

Eventually, it will stop changing channels when it finds the clearest and most available channel. Then place the open receiver in front of the transmitter with the red sync windows facing each other.

Finally, press the sync button on your transmitter and wait a few seconds. Overall, the Shure PSM300 is a professional dual in-ear monitor system that will greatly benefit you and your band. We highly recommend it.

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3. AWM6309U from Audio2000

best wireless in-ear monitor system

First off, Audio2000’s AWM6309U is a great product for a buck dual in-ear monitor system. Can be used in mono or stereo mode. The built-in limiter eliminates most distortion for smooth sound quality.

What I like about this device is its frequency agility capability for 25 MHz bandwidth. Additionally, 100 pre-programmed frequency channels are available.

This means that it is relatively easy to find an available open channel that is free from interference. If you are purchasing this system, we strongly recommend that you switch the switch labeled ‘RF switch’ on the back to H.

This means that if you turn the switch on the back to High, the RF signal will become stronger.

What surprised me most about this system was the sound quality for the price. Keep in mind that just because these units cost much less, they don’t necessarily sound as good as top-of-the-line systems.

However, for a much cheaper price, these in-ears still offer fantastic sound. It is relatively clear and has good clarity. They will undoubtedly get the job done and give you an enjoyable experience during the show.

The transmitter can be rack-mounted for added convenience and protection. Both receivers use two AA batteries.

Overall, Audio2000’s AWM6309U is an affordable dual wireless in-ear monitor solution that performs well beyond its price. Highly recommended for those on a tight budget.

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4. Galaxy Audio AS-1400-2

wireless in-ear monitors for singers

Popular dual wireless in-ear monitor system
Lastly, the Galaxy Audio AS-1400 UHF is another great dual in-ear monitor system that comes with a rackmount kit. The receiver uses 2AA batteries and can be used continuously for 7 hours.

Both transmitter and receiver feature excellent build quality designed for long life. It gives you the option to use it in stereo, mono, or mixed mono. Stereo transfers allow you to pan the instruments any way you like.

The sound quality of this system is very good, with excellent overall clarity in the low and high frequencies. However, the quality of the earbuds is nowhere near that of the actual system.

It may be better to purchase an additional set of ear monitors. With 275 channels to choose from, the Galaxy Audio AS-1400 UHF is totally dependable.

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5. Pro UHF dual wireless IEM system

best in-ear monitors for drummers

520-580Mhz wireless in-ear monitor system creates a personal or team monitoring system. Uncompressed wireless signal transmission, low noise, and latency. Provides smooth frequency response on any headphone.

With one transmitter, no matter how many bodypacks you add, the bodypack and transmitter can work properly as long as they have the same frequency.

There is no quantity limit. Good quality earbuds provide pure sound and improved performance.

Works perfectly for a variety of sound monitoring events, stage performances, studio recordings, exhibitions, lectures, training, speeches, etc. The package also includes a standard rack unit.

Using advanced circuit design, a superior chip, eliminates the receiving blind angle, making the receiving signal of the system stable.

Allows users to move freely in open spaces with an operating distance of 160 feet – 180 feet. The transmitter is made of sturdy metal material. It is the best choice among monitor products.

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6. Xtuga RW2080

sennheiser in-ear monitors

The Xtuga RW2080 is an excellent dual in-ear monitor system for groups that require multiple receivers. You can purchase this system with 2,4,6,8 or 10 receivers which can each have their own channels.

Both transmitter and receiver are made of metal for increased durability and longevity. With 275 channels to choose from, reliability is outstanding. However, some channels are more transparent than others.

Unfortunately, the sound quality of the Xtuga RW2080 is not the best. Before the sound could perform at its best, we had to find the cleanest frequencies.

But once you find the right channel, the sound quality does the job. It doesn’t perform well at very high volumes, but it’s decent at medium to low volumes for the price.

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Overall, these six best dual wireless in-ear monitor systems are for those who need between two and 10 receivers. These dual IEMs get the job done.

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