Truthear Hola Review 2024

TRUTHEAR HOLA features a single 11mm dynamic driver, which it claims has been improved to deliver more powerful, deeper, and less distorted bass.

The dynamic driver diaphragm consists of a PU (polyurethane suspension) and LCP (liquid crystal polymer) dome composite diaphragm.

truthear hola cable

Through these changes, the improved single dynamic driver is expected to deliver cleaner, richer sound than competing products using only LCP drivers.

It has a sensitivity level of 120dB/Vrms at 1kHz with a 28Ω impedance rating. It also uses a universal 0.78mm 2-pin jack, so you can use a variety of cables instead.

With these sensitivities and impedances, the TRUTHEAR HOLA should not pose any operating problems using suitable sources, dongles, and DAPs.

Truthear Hola Review

Truthear Hola


The TRUTHEAR HOLA features a 3D-printed opaque resin shell from Heygears, the same company that 3D-printed the resin shells for the Moondrop Blessing lineup.

We can trust that HOLA will have a durable shell with that information.

The faceplate features either a flower or snowflake design, depending on what you look at. When you sweep it with your finger, it feels delicate and soft.

The shell is rougher than the front plate, but this is not inconvenient. Wearing TRUTHEAR HOLA may feel slippery.

Both IEMs have markings on the left or right side to help you avoid disconnecting the cable. Two vents are also visible on the shell.

One vent is near the nozzle and the other is next to the edge of the shell. These vents reduce pressure on your ears, allowing HOLA to be used for longer periods of time.

Compared to other budget IEMs, the TRUTHEAR HOLA is definitely thinner. Because of their large size, there will be no fit issues for anyone regardless of ear size.

Truthear Hola price


TRUTHEAR HOLA comes with non-sticky, easy-to-glide silicone tips. They were even kind enough to include both wide and narrow hole tips.

For wide openings, sizes are small, medium, large, and extra large. Meanwhile, narrow bore tips only come in small, medium, and large sizes.

The tip used in this review was the wide bore large size type. I prefer hearing more details and the wider openings help.

First, this tip seals surprisingly well. They stick to your ears well, so your ears won’t fall out of place even if you shake your head.

Second, it’s easy to clean. I think it has a soft powder finish that can be easily wiped off with a towel or tissue.

Lastly, the variety of sizes means it should cover all ear sizes. No need to buy third-party tips this time!

truthear hola frequency response


The 2-twist cable feels a bit cheap, but it’s not bad at all, and considering other IEMs in this price range, it’s not hard to find a worse stock cable.

It’s very soft to the touch, has a chin slider (which is very nice) and there’s no “mic effect” when you touch the cable or rub it against clothes. It’s good enough for the price.

truthear hola sound

Comfort and isolation

Comfort is very good, the shape has no sharp edges and passive isolation is above average. However, stock tips may provide a less secure fit due to their softness, so it may be advisable to use a harder tip for some tip rolling.


The HOLA is warm and seems to follow Harman’s targets on average but with a bit of bass boost.


The sub-bass has fairly good extension, with a slight emphasis on the low end, although not unbalanced.

The bass texture isn’t great and it’s not the fastest driver in this category, but the sound has good weight and the overall performance is satisfactory, with good resonance and dynamics.

This isn’t Basshead’s budget approach, but the volume is adequate for just about any genre.


The midrange is fairly neutral in terms of volume, with added warmth to the lower frequencies. Acoustic instruments benefit from the added warmth,

which is very evident on acoustic guitars and pianos, and overall layering and separation is average this is really a limitation of cheaper IEMs.

Male vocals turned out to be a bit warmer than needed. While this may be a good thing for certain singers, others may not benefit in the same way.

The female vocals are quite intimate, but the energy is a bit tame due to the limited extension of the treble, and at times they sound somewhat “muted,” as if there’s some sort of hole somewhere between the upper mids and the treble.


Peak is non-fatiguing and offers average detail and limited expansion. This tuning choice aims to avoid peaks and provide a fatigue-free listening experience.

This doesn’t mean the treble is muted, but it’s definitely less present than other sets that focus more on detail retrieval and treble extension.

The soundstage has good depth and average width and height for the category. Imaging is also fine. It’s not sharp for very crowded moments, but it’s fine for the price point.

truthear hola design

Use without amplifier

The Trushear HOLA can be used without an amplifier, but to be honest, at that point, it’s average, with some pretty boomy bass and an overly warm sound.

When amplified properly, the bass has more impact and is less boomy, allowing the HOLA to move between instruments and vocals with greater agility.

So even if you don’t have volume issues without an amplifier, we recommend using an amplifier to extract the best potential from your HOLA.

Truthear Hola iem headphones

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Truthhear HOLA isn’t the big killer, nor is he the groundbreaker you’d expect. One thing to note is that if you want to truly hear what HOLA can offer, an amplifier becomes a necessity.

This is kind of ridiculous, considering that budget IEMs are made for people who don’t have a lot of money. Spending on equipment which in most cases means the average buyer does not own an amplifier.

Overall, Truthhear HOLA is another well-made entry-level product that makes this hobby more accessible to beginners.

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