Fiio FD3 Pro Review

In this Fiio FD3 Pro review. FiiO FD3 is the latest IEM model in the brand’s FD lineup. It is equipped with a 12mm DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) dynamic driver and retails for $99 for the regular version and $139 for the FD3 Pro.

Is FiiO FD3 any good?

As a single DD IEM with an impedance of just 32 ohms, the Fiio FD3 doesn’t need a lot of power or an expensive DAC/amp to sound good. It is not demanding and can be easily driven by entry-level DAPs and next-generation mobile devices.

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Fiio FD3 Pro Review

Fiio fd3 vs fd3 pro

FD3 Pro design

FiiO is bolder than most IEM manufacturers when it comes to physical design. Change consistently rather than sticking to the same form factor over and over again.

Even models from the same line can look radically different. For example, the FD3 looks nothing like FiiO’s FD5.

The FiiO FD3 has a disc-shaped body made of highly polished aluminum-magnesium alloy. At the top of the disc is a cylindrical tube with FiiO’s patented balanced pneumatic design.

Not only does this produce a more natural sound, but it also protects your hearing by reducing air pressure on your eardrums.

The FD3’s faceplate includes a celluloid panel covered in 2.5D glass. The celluloid is a marble gray color that contrasts well with the gold FiiO logo and surrounding gold band.

The craftsmanship is exquisite and once again we see that FiiO is leading the way when it comes to quality.

Due to the balanced pneumatic design, in addition to the semi-open design, there is another small vent near the bottom of the nozzle.

The FD3 nozzles are also tuning filters (called sound tubes in FiiO) and the package includes 2 sets, red and black. The red tube is called ‘Balance’ and the black tube is called ‘Treble Resolution’.

This will be explained in more detail in the sound section below.

Internally, the FD3 features a large 12mm Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) diaphragm. DLC drivers are lightweight and extremely robust, resulting in faster transients and lower distortion.

Additionally, FD3 inherits the same flagship-level acoustic prism as FD5. Acoustic prisms enhance sound wave dispersion and reduce the time delay caused by sound wave propagation.

The FD3 may look a little awkward in shape, but it’s actually a very comfortable IEM.

The shell is contoured to fit my ears perfectly, and I didn’t experience any pressure or hot spots during testing, even during extended listening sessions.

FiiO FD3 cable

Fiio fd3 pro review audiophile

The FD3 is supplied with a 4-strand high-purity single-crystal copper cable. Because it is a braided cable and is relatively thick, it feels strong and durable.

The MMCX connector is clear plastic and the Y-split, jaw slider, and L-shaped plug are aluminum.

There is no doubting the quality of this cable, but it is not the best in terms of handling. It has some difficulties with the microphone (cable noise) and is a bit springy.

I think an IEM as pretty as the FD3 could have better cables, but I think that’s why there’s a Pro version with FiiO’s modular cables.

Fiio FD3 Pro Sound

fiio fd3 pro review reddit

The FiiO FD3 has a balanced sound signature with a light to moderate bass boost, forward midrange, and detailed yet smooth treble.

Overall clarity is very good, without excessive brightness or tonal degradation. In fact, the FD3 has the most natural tone I’ve heard in this price range.

The FD3 is an efficient IEM and doesn’t require much power to perform.

I’ve found using a dongle DAC and low-power DAP like the FiiO M6 to be adequate for operating the FD3, but there is some ability to scale up to better sources.

FD3 Filter

Fiio fd3 pro review wired

By default, when you take the FD3 out of the box, it has a red filter attached. The red filter is quite balanced and provides a warmer presentation.

In comparison, a black filter improves overall clarity, detail retrieval, and soundstage size. This results in a slight increase in the midrange and high frequencies.

I like the red filter, but switching to black makes the sound wider, clearer, more dynamic, and has a bigger soundstage.

However, I sometimes found myself switching back to red for longer, more comfortable listening sessions.

For those who are shy of high notes, a red filter may be better, while a black filter may be better for those who want more life and passion in their sound.

FD3 Pro Base

fiio fd3 pro price

The FD3’s 12mm DLC drivers deliver high-quality, engaging bass. It’s not a huge bass in terms of quantity, so those who like bass may feel the need to look elsewhere.

But for anyone, the FD3 will deliver great low frequencies.

That’s not to say that the FD3 can’t deliver powerful low-end. Conversely, if you listen to Sundial Aeon’s “Elemental,” the kick drum has a strong, pounding feel.

You can feel the big bass, but the best part is that the mids and treble are intertwined. There’s no bass dominance or smothering midrange, but it’s powerful enough to provide thrill and rhythmic drive.

Fiio FD3 Pro  Mid

fiio fh3 review

Vocal enthusiasts will appreciate the progressiveness of the FD3’s midrange. The male and female vocals are honest and intimate.

It’s not cloying or syrupy, though, with good detail and clarity. Additionally, the overall clarity of the midrange is excellent, even more so with the black nozzle filter.

The equipment is also handled confidently. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster’s “Orogenic” has exquisite electric guitar string textures.

However, the FD3 never sounds harsh or loud. Grungy electric guitars, high piano notes, and powerful female vocals are all handled with aplomb.

Fiio FD3 Pro  Treble

fiio fd3 frequency response

Not to be outdone by the bass and midrange, the FD3’s treble range further enhances your style. Treble with good detail retrieval, energy, and openness.

The overall tonal balance is also relatively forward but still doesn’t feel sharp or brittle. In fact, the FD3 has one of the best treble tones you’ll hear in this price range.

This is further enhanced by an even better black filter. Treble extension is good, as is sound density and clarity. It is a lively high sound that can express sparkle and air without tiring the listener.

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fiio fd3 vs fd5

The FIIO catalog expands with the FD3, offering a more mainstream yet energetic and fun sound signature.

This sound signature is easy to love and will wow even rock fans with its rich textural emphasis and thumping physical bass experience.

It doesn’t have the technical expertise or the most polished-sounding IEMs, but at around $100, the overall package offers great value.

FIIO’s craftsmanship is definitely in a different league than its competitors in this price range and promises long durability.

If you’re tired of IEMs that sound too thin, cold, clinical, or thin, the rich and energetic bass tone of the FD3 will definitely charm you with its musical immediacy that’s not boring but well-balanced.

Additionally, if you need a brighter presentation, additional tuning filters can provide those extra treble notes. The FIIO FD3 is a headbanging fun ride that will delight a wide range of audiophiles.

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