XINHS Cable Review: Is Xinhs a Good Brand?

This is one of Xinhs’ latest release cables. Xinhs is looking to dominate the cable world and enter the IEM world.

Without a doubt, this is the best Xinhs cable and this is the first case where I can say that it is okay to lean towards the good side.

Is Xinhs a Good Brand?

Xinhs cable review audiophilet

XINHS is a professional brand dedicated to creating high-quality upgrade cables for in-ear monitors (IEMs).

The cables are handcrafted using premium materials and advanced technologies to enhance the sound quality of the IEMs, providing a more immersive and enjoyable listening experience.

XINHS is committed to providing exceptional performance and reliability in every cable it produces.

XINHS Cable Review 2024

Build quality

best xinhs cable

The quality of this cable exceeds expectations. Aesthetics are well thought out with mirror-polished metal Y-shaped splits and plugs.

This goes really well with the overall color scheme of the cable and I think the pictures speak for themselves. The headband feels good in the hand and is sufficiently firm. The entire cable is still very flexible and flexible.

There are no tangles, and since it is an 8-core cable made by twisting 4 strands into a Y-shaped split, there is no need to worry about individual cores coming loose.

The best part is that all cables come with a hard case that is roomy enough to keep the IEM and some accessories/adapters together.


xinhs 4 core graphene cable

The cable is not too stiff and the ear guides are not too stiff, so they fit well in my ears. The best part is that if you don’t need or don’t like the heat shrink guides, you can request that they come without cables.

Don’t expect me to rave about these sterling silver cables for “awakening my earbuds” or “unleashing the beast within me.” This silver cable costs $25. Trust me.

The sound of your IEM may change. It costs less than $25. I’m sure this has some effect on the sound of the IEM, but I don’t think it adds value by using this cable AB with the stock cable and trying to compensate for these nuances.

Tested minimally and without IEM (Audio Lokahi).

XINHS Cable Features

xinhs review

Xinhs is a 4-strand graphene alloy silver-plated cable. These cables are made using a cross-knitting process (an unbreakable weaving process), making them stronger and more durable.

The diameter of each core is 1.2 mm. Through various tests, it provides accurate sound through a combination of 4 silver-plated strands. This cable is made from high-quality graphene skin, making it long-lasting and wear-resistant.

With 0.78mm standard pin, commonly used in most earphones on the market, is equivalent to increasing cable life.

This gold-plated plug is a carbon fiber plug with a stable connection and fast data transfer speed. Use the 3.5mm gold-plated plug commonly used in most mobile phones, tablet PCs, and computers.

Gold-plated carbon fiber plug with stable connection and fast data transfer speed. Use a 4.4mm gold-plated plug. Most DACs, PCs, and computers have plugs of this size.

In terms of sound quality, the resolution of the headphones is greatly improved and the frequency range is expanded, showing rich musical details, delicate and natural sound, and round and rich sound transparency.

Check Price


xinhs iem

Overall, combined with its very reasonable price, XINHS is one of the best budget cable replacements out there.

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