TRN BAX PRO Review: A Flagship with Adjustable Tuning Styles

HiFiGo has started releasing a new high-end model of its wired in-ear headphones BAX Pro. It is built on three types of emitters: one dynamic driver with a 10mm beryllium diaphragm and dual magnetic system, two armatures from Knowles, and two electrostatics from Sonion.

HiFiGo TRN BAX Pro Flagship 2BA + 1DD + 2EST Summery

HiFiGo TRN BAX Pro Flagship 2BA + 1DD + 2EST

TRN’s latest set of multi-driver hybrid in-ear monitors has arrived with the launch of the new TRN BAX Pro (2024).

This flagship IEM features a five-driver hybrid setup combining 4th generation dynamic drivers with dual Knowles BA and dual Sonion EST drivers on each side.

TRN BAX Pro now offers an upgraded configuration incorporating advanced electrostatic, dynamic, and balanced armature units complemented by custom designs. This improved setup brings some notable improvements.

The improved high-frequency unit now boasts dual Knowles balanced armature units and improved overall audio quality.

Imported electrostatic devices are used to expand the frequency response range and raise sound quality to a new level.

Equipped with two electrostatic devices, BAX Pro accurately captures and faithfully reproduces high-frequency signals, providing a more transparent and refined hearing experience. In particular, high-frequency performance stands out.

TRN BAX Pro also integrates a 4th generation dual magnetic low-frequency dynamic driver unit. This 10mm dual magnetic large dynamic unit excels in frequency response and dynamic range.

Delivers clean, solid bass with a rich atmospheric quality thanks to a beryllium diaphragm that offers exceptional rigidity and response speed.

In-Ear Earphones

In the mid-and high-frequency spectrum, BAX Pro introduces the new Knowles 33518 dynamic driver dedicated to high frequencies. This additional feature improves high-frequency clarity, improving overall sound quality.

Combined with the 29689 mid-frequency dynamic driver to expand mid-frequency detail and layering.

Featuring electronic 3-way technology and a 3-position tuning switch, BAX Pro offers 6 adjustable tuning styles.

BAX Pro now uses lightweight materials, reducing the overall weight of the earphones by 35% without sacrificing quality.

Made of aluminum-magnesium alloy known for its excellent strength and corrosion resistance.

The semi-open face cover design relieves pressure, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience.

TRN BAX Pro is bundled with high-purity basic cable. This pair includes an 8-strand single-crystal copper cable made with a wire core of high-purity 6N single-crystal copper material.

This cable is packaged with an interchangeable termination plug system that includes 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 2.5mm plugs.

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HiFiGo TRN BAX Pro in-Ear Earphones 2024 Full Review

Hybrid IEMs 2024


The BAX looks great. This is because it adds outstanding durability and stylish glamor to the earphones.

The TRN logo is also engraved on the side of the housing, which is pleasant to the touch. The semi-open grille pattern can be easily missed, but slits are also an aesthetically pleasing choice.

In terms of fit, I had a few issues choosing earphones that fit my ears. The ear canals and housings are large, but at least when held solidly, the ears don’t feel stretched at all.

The cable ear loops seem to come loose sometimes, causing issues with the comfort and security of the earphones.


BAX uses a semi-open design, but not too much sound leaks out of the shell. This design is not only used to expand the sound stage but also helps eliminate noise by reducing air pressure.

Inside the housing is a triple hybrid design using a Knowles balanced armature, a single dynamic driver, and two electrostatics. These drivers work in harmony to help analyze sonic details and perform clearly.


In this mid-fi area, you can sometimes find a sweet spot in terms of a sound signature that gives you everything you want.

Fortunately, the BAX is one of the rare IEMs that achieves this, delivering a rich, wide output that forms an immersive collective image.

Its width spans a reasonable distance between the left and right channels, giving panned sound elements the right amount of space to effectively maneuver around the soundstage with precision.

Positioning is precise, but airflow and headroom are displayed and flexible. The space between the various layers radiates tremendous depth, creating a three-dimensional sound stage that enhances immersion.

With BAX, the imaging always feels like it’s coming from a specific source rather than the driver. The stereo field exists in a semi-holographic aura that extends beyond the housing shell.

At this price, the BAX presents one of the best soundstages in its class, providing listeners with flavorful dynamics with a potentially satisfying sense of space.

TRN BAX Pro frequency


The bass frequencies here are very smooth and textured. It has an excellent dynamic response that knows when to rein in, allowing the bass to support the sound signature with powerful resonance as the track reaches its crescendo.

It kicks with a ton of drive while providing a mellow tone that doesn’t overload the sound signature with boomy bass.

The mid-bass provides a firm grip, while the sub-bass tone provides a pleasant resonance that will satisfy bass heads.

At these lowest levels, BAX clearly works best at a fun level, not a level with important details. Although BAX provides a great deal of clarity and expression in its responses.


You can feel the softness of the midrange that extends from the low tones.

Midrange content is presented with good fullness and forward momentum that gives instruments, effects, and vocals space to highlight in a decidedly present manner.

There is power and drive in the frequency content that gives

in-Ear Monitors with Adjustable Tuning Styles

the sound signature the perfect amount of energy while displaying instruments transparently and textured.

The treble range has the perfect balance and liveliness of tone to suit whatever kind of sound profile you prefer. It’s not harsh-sounding by any means, but it doesn’t mind showing a bit of coloration in the high frequencies.

Sparkling instruments are spread throughout the frequency response, with certain elements appearing in more detailed tones than at higher gain levels.

The timbre style feels like it allows the sound signature to propagate in a complete way, allowing the music to maintain a clear, satisfying tail.


  • Wide sound stageUpgraded configuration powerful bassElectrostatic speaker driver


  • Expensive but worth it.

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