SIMGOT EW200 Review 2024: IEM for Under $50

The Simgot EW200 currently stands out as one of the hottest budget IEMs under $50, rivaling the TruthEar In my opinion, it offers a brighter and more attractive sound signature than the latter.

The build quality is truly impressive, boasting a sturdy full-metal construction. Featuring a 10mm SCP diaphragm, dual magnetic circuit, and dual cavity dynamic drivers, these IEMs promise an outstanding listening experience.

Let’s take a closer look at this review and take a closer look at its performance.

SIMGOT EW200 Review 2024

Simgot EW200 frequency response


Simgot EW200 catches your eye with its sleek and sophisticated design. I was surprised at how light it felt despite its full metal construction. The exterior surface has a nice raised circular area with the logo in the center and the company slogan surrounding it. It’s minimalist but really luxurious.

EW200 has two holes. One is inside and the other is outside. They are there to prevent driver flex, which is a nice touch. Overall, I like the design of the EW200. It has the perfect combination of style and practicality that I appreciate.

Oh, and don’t forget the nozzle. 5.6mm adds to overall comfort. And speaking of comfort, these babies are top-notch. Now as for the build quality, I’m honestly surprised. I mean, is there metal construction in this price range? It was definitely unexpected. I would give it a solid 10/10 for the build quality. I mean, come on, it’s metal!

Now let’s talk about cables. The Simgot EW200’s stock cable is covered in a PVC sheath, which is quite impressive for the price of such an IEM. Visually, it is even more stunning with its gold and silver exterior.

One thing I really appreciate is the design of the 2-pin connector. It has a sunken shape. This means that there is a very thin plastic housing around the pins of the cable. This makes the cable versatile and allows it to be used with basically any IEM. It’s a thoughtful touch that adds to the overall convenience and value of the EW200 package.


Let’s look at comfort. The Simgot EW200 really excels in this department. I put it to the test and found that I could wear it for hours on end without any discomfort! They fit well in my ears and the included SpinFit CP100 ear tips are fantastic. I personally prefer the medium size for excellent adhesion.

Overall, these IEMs are a pleasure to wear except for one minor thing. When cold, its metal structure may feel a bit cold for the first few seconds, which can be somewhat uncomfortable. But honestly, that’s a minor quibble in an otherwise very comfortable experience.


As you can see from the frequency response graph on the box itself, the Simgot EW200 moves between the Harman Target 2016 and the Simgot-Classic Target. However, I noticed a difference between my FR and the FR provided by the manufacturer. In my case, the bass is closer to the midrange. And this is something I welcome. But to my ears, this is clearly a classier set in the upper mids than in the lows.

The Harman 2016 pattern seeks more clarity by stretching the midrange, limiting the control area of the first treble, and tilting the curve toward the sub-bass. A balanced profile with a clear tendency towards light without losing the presence of the deepest bass.


The bass is dry and powerful, but tight and controlled, with very limited boominess, just enough to maintain a natural, realistic, and well-controlled performance. It’s true that I prefer a bit more presence, but the EW200 has a bass that tends to be standard.

That said, it sounds as it should and is presented as a reference. It’s not a weak bass, but it’s nimble and fast for its price, has good color, is smooth and pleasant, and has a very dynamic action. It decays quickly and leaves little sediment in the sediment. It has no presence beyond the rest of the frequency range but has the executive power to demonstrate quality and presence when needed.

As much as we expect additional power… A bass of this quality and great lift would be welcome. However, control has its limits, and trade-offs are demonstrated across the range. Additionally, this is a clean bass with an emphasis on the sub-bass, gently descending towards the midrange, eliminating any resonance or emphasized mid-range aspects.

In this way, the EW200 demonstrates its wisdom, depth, know-how, agility in difficult conditions (reading dirty, unfiltered bass) and its ability to easily and clearly represent planes and follow complex bass lines.

In ultra-low frequency pure tone testing, the quality of the LFO’s performance is noticeable. It is not easy for IEMS in this price range to produce natural and deep sound.

At lower limits, it sounds sensational, and at higher IEMS it performs without difficulty. As you increase the frequency, the notes become more audible, but without losing their naturalness, and are tuned for a very realistic tone, excellent performance for the price, and vivid and highly effective realism.

Perhaps, to put it mildly, the surface will be soft and smooth rather than rough or visceral. It’s clean and doesn’t tear, which limits the fun and informativeness of the texture. You can’t have everything for $40, but it’s great nonetheless.

Gaming Experience

When it comes to gaming, the Simgot EW200 really shines. The soundstage it provides is wide, creating a vivid sense of space that makes it easy to locate other players. Improved recognition of footsteps and the ability to hear accurate audio signals, such as shields breaking or exploding, or footsteps fading or approaching.

This improved spatial awareness is especially impressive in tactical shooters, where you can accurately identify enemy movements, gun grabs, drops, and reload directions.

The EW200’s soundstage creates an immersive gaming atmosphere, while exceptional depth perception adds another layer to the experience. However, it’s worth noting that the treble can feel a bit harsh at times, especially with certain guns, or in games when the champion’s voice is too shrill or loud, which can lead to fatigue.

For example, AKM in The Finals can be particularly annoying and lead you to turn down your volume. Something I should add that I’ve noticed is that separation and layering can take a bit of a hit when things start to get very complicated around you.

In these situations, you may become a bit blurry and this may slightly affect your concentration. However, this is very situational and doesn’t detract much from the overall gaming experience.

However, despite these shortcomings, I would like to recommend the EW200 for gaming without hesitation. A fantastic choice to bring your games to life and give you an edge in competitive play.


It doesn’t have the boomiest bass, but it’s definitely solid and well-balanced. It’s not too overwhelming, but just enough to give the music some depth.

What I really appreciate is how open and airy the bass feels. It doesn’t feel punchy, which actually contributes to the spaciousness of the overall soundstage. It’s as if the bass supports the music but doesn’t overwhelm it. It’s a nice touch that adds to the overall listening experience.


With the V-shaped tuning, I initially thought vocals and instruments would be overshadowed by the bass, but I was pleasantly surprised. Vocals come through clear and clean, and instruments have excellent separation and detail.

However, I found that it could get a bit muddy once things started to get very busy, with gunshots and footsteps being heard all around. It’s not a deal breaker in any way, it’s just something to be aware of. Nonetheless, the overall presentation of the midrange is still very enjoyable and offers a good balance of clarity and detail in most situations.


It’s certainly nice and impressively detailed. However, I have to admit that I am a bit sensitive to treble, and this product can be a bit on the sharp side for me.

That said, the treble still delivers a realistic and natural tone. It has a sparkling, popping quality. You could almost say it’s crunchy. There is a significant amount of energy in this range, which can really enhance certain tracks and in-game sounds.

I found myself needing to turn the volume down a bit, especially when using certain guns in the game. Raising it too high can make it a bit harsher. But it’s by no means a deal breaker. All it takes is a little tweaking to find the sweet spot.

Overall, the EW200’s treble adds nice detail and life to the sound but can be a bit overwhelming at times for those sensitive to higher frequencies.

Linsoul Simgot EW200

Things we like:

  • Great sound for every penny paid, great value for money.
  • A very successful profile between Harman Target 2016 and
  • Excellent quality/price ratio.
  • Great construction level.

Things we don’t like:

  • Bass presence is decent and fair, but for those looking for more punch, this probably won’t be for you.

Check Price


Simgot showed what the EW100P can do at twice the price. Make no mistake. Its value is only $40, which undoubtedly allowed the brand to set a benchmark to beat in this narrow price range and fierce competition.

Rather than straying off the beaten track in search of alternative sounds, it’s a cross between the Target Harman 2016 and Simgot’s own Target. But in fact, the crossover offers characteristics of neutrality and clarity that are hard to find at this price.

At least not so far. I haven’t used all of the IEMS under $50 and can’t say the EW200 is the best. However, we can say that this is a clear and definite recommendation for those looking for a very high price-performance ratio, a sound that is clean, clear, detailed, skillful, dynamic, lively, and effective, in which all three ranges are well represented.

Especially the transition between the midrange and first treble, but without reaching the dangerous territory that such emphasis always entails. Smart execution, smart choices. But to all this, you have to add an exemplary level of construction, with a metal capsule that’s as stylish and shiny as the sound.

It is true that it is a little heavy, but thanks to the excellent ergonomic design, it seems to disappear once it is in your ear. The cable fits well and comes with a cloth pouch for storage.

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