Moondrop x Crinacle Dusk IEM Earphone 2024

Moondrop x Crinacle DUSK marks a new modern era for the DUSK name. This is the ultimate expression of an IEM earphone.

The newly released Moondrop x Crinacle dusk IEM comes with a special CNC forged carbon fiber faceplate just like you would find on a million-dollar luxury watch. It’s durable, lightweight, and sexy.

Moondrop x crinacle dusk

Utilizing a meticulously crafted isobaric configuration, DUSK’s dual dynamic drivers allow for a rich sub-bass experience without compromising the rest of the frequency response.

State-of-the-art micro-planar tweeters are mixed with balanced armature drivers to produce unprecedented treble extension without sacrificing timbre. All of this includes the smooth, natural mead you’ve come to know and love.

USB-C cable preloaded with 5 EQ profiles and incredible levels of control. Adjust the sound exactly to your liking.

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Moondrop x Crinacle Dusk IEMs Earphones Features

DUSK features a unique triple-driver setup featuring two dynamic drivers, two balanced armatures, and two planar magnetic drivers. This setting ensures rich, detailed sound at all frequencies.

Two 10mm dynamic drivers aim to deliver powerful bass while minimizing distortion. This provides a wide dynamic range and nuanced sound.

But one of the biggest improvements is the use of planar magnetic drivers. Unlike its predecessor, the DUSK replaces the typical balanced armature tweeter with a planar magnetic tweeter.

As a result, DUSK has softer, more natural highs.

This IEM also features a Horizontally Opposed Double Dynamic Driver Module (H.O.D.D.D.U.S.), which uses precision 3D printing to align dual 10mm dynamic drivers closely and symmetrically.

This arrangement forms a physical bandpass filter and two separate filtering structures and attenuation devices.

This mimics the operation of planar magnetic earbuds, increasing energy conversion efficiency and further reducing nonlinear distortion.

Moondrop x Crinacle Dusk IEMs 2DD+2BA+2Planar Earphones

Each dual dynamic driver consists of a flexible suspension diaphragm with a paper dome. The high damping characteristics of the paper dome ensure that the dynamic drivers do not create additional resonance in the mids and highs.

Because of this, DUSK promises precise acoustic enhancement and better bass dynamics.

For a more cohesive listening experience, DUSK boasts high full-band phase coherence thanks to its classic hybrid three-way frequency crossover design.

DUSK headphones also offer versatility and user-friendliness.

Comes with a 3.5mm analog cable and USB-C cable. The latter supports high-resolution 32Bit/384KHz audio decoding for fully balanced 120dB dynamic range output.

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Conclusion of Moondrop x crinacle dusk

moondrop x crinacle dusk review

The Moondrop x Crinacle dusk IEMs are made from high-strength carbon fiber that has been treated at ultra-high pressure and temperature.

This durable and lightweight material adds a modern feel and showcases premium materials and technology.

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