Basn High-Definition In Ear Monitor for Singers

One of the most popular BASN High-Definition in-ear monitors comes for musicians with detachable MMCX earbuds, dual dynamic drivers, and a noise isolation feature.

Features of Basn High-Definition In-Ear Monitor

Designed by senior ergonomic engineers, our headphones feature the most efficient house without compromising sound quality. It has a comfortable weight and fits perfectly into your ears.

It comes with dual HD micro speakers with powerful neodymium magnets. With an appropriate combination of high, mid, and low frequencies, this monitor provides smooth, clear, crisp, and natural sound.

Basn High-Definition In Ear Monitor Singer Voice

Basn’s in-ear monitor has adjustable ear hooks to keep the earbuds secure and comfortable in your ears. It does not fall off easily even with large movements during performance. Many drummers, singers, and guitar players choose this product as their premium ear monitor headphones.

Detachable cables and MMCX connector sets make cable replacement and upgrades easy. So, they are more durable than regular earphones.

You can upgrade the basic MMCX cable to a microphone MMCX cable, silver MMCX cable, or Bluetooth wireless MMCX cable. You can use these earphones for hands-free calling, premium enjoyment, sports purposes, etc.

Basn High-Definition In Ear Monitor

High-quality anti-tang wire ensures longer usage time. The soft hand-woven cable can effectively reduce unwanted noise by reducing auscultation.

The original cable splitter allows you to organize your earphones easily. The earphone cable splitter allows you to conveniently adjust the cable to your liking.

The Basn High-Definition In Ear Monitor has a 3.5mm gold-plated stereo jack, compatible with most in-ear monitor systems and devices with a 3.5mm port.

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